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classic vintage chrome restored ls swap FlowMaster coil over vinyl seat chevy

Station Wagon BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1966 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon Restomod Description:

What you're looking at is opportunity. This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle wagon is your chance to have a classic that can carry the family and cargo in one vintage vehicle. It even has a comfy A/C interior. But while you can justify this Chevy to your practical side, the enthusiasts in you will instantly gravitate to the modern fuel-injected LS3 power cleanly installed to make this a true muscle machine. So, this is the one classic that your practical and passionate sides can agree on.
The 1966 Chevelle Malibu was an awesome year at Chevy. After all, this was the first time the SS396 was available as a separate model, and the design was a true muscle car icon. So it's great to have hints of this look in a true power wagon. This one carries the same design elements that made the coupes famous, like front overhang that looks like an intimidating furrowed brow. Plus, the kick-up in the rear looks even cooler because it starts in the middle of the rear doors and flows all the way through the extended fenders. There are also some nice aggressive upgrades like the tinted windows and American Racing Torq Thrust alloys with large and wide rear ones for a terrific stance. But while this one gives plenty of hints at a power machine, it's also nice it didn't stray too far from the classic grocery-getter looks. The blue is close to the factory colors you got in '66; those wraparound chrome bumper shine as bright as nostalgia; and of course, there's a bright classic roof rack. The result is a clean and straight vintage machine that also leaves clues about the serious power within.
Inside, the sea of blue continues. The two-tone on the seats nicely ties together the colors on the door panels, dash, and carpeting. And while this has a factory-style look, there is a freshness here that says they were thoughtful during the restoration. That huge rear cargo area is carpeted, so feel free to load up the tailgating equipment when not showing off this Chevy. Because this is a car you'll want to share with family and friends, there are features to keep them entertained like an upgraded stereo AM/FM/CD stereo w/aux input for you iPod, and the air conditioning is blowing cold with modern R134a. While you've got the classic Chevelle Malibu steering wheel and gauges, you're going to experience something quite different the moment you twist the key.
Lift the hood and immediately be impressed. The modern fuel-injected LS3 V8 has been installed with the kind of care that looks like it belonged there since day one. In reality, the work was done in 2013, and the motor currently has about 20k miles on it in total. When this 6.2-liter was installed in the C6 Corvette, it delivered a whopping 430 horsepower. So you know this one makes a terrific sound out of the header-fed H-pipe dual exhaust. Plus, doing a proper upgrade means more than just the motor. This has a the C6's 4L65E four-speed automatic transmission. It's versatile enough to offer quick kick-downs for performance and automatically slip into easy overdrive cruising. The same versatility is in the 3.73 Positraction rear end. Plus, there's power steering, power brakes w/discs up front, and an upgraded coilover suspension.
This is the ideal classic. After all, you'll convince everyone that you bought a versatile family vehicle with plenty of cargo space. But really it's the modern big power that sold you. Since there are plenty of people who want to disguise their dream car as a practical classic, you should hurry and call today!


Item location:Concord, North Carolina, United States
SubModel:Wagon Restomod
Type:Station Wagon
Trim:Wagon Restomod
Interior color:Blue
Engine:6.2L V8 LS3
Vehicle Title:Clear