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Yenko Chevy Vega


1975 Chevrolet Vega Description:

This is a 1975 Yenko Chevy Vega that was in a fire. It was a clean roller, even had most of the battery tray intact. The interior is destroyed except for possibly the back seat as it is down and had a lot of parts in the back. Mostly original 4 cylinder engine parts and some new suspension parts. Not sure if any of it is good. This car would be perfect for someone building a drag car and just looking for a solid body and frame. It could be potentially restored. I had wire-wheeled the entire underneath. It was primed and painted with a gun. It had bigger springs and spacers installed in the back. There was a plastic oil drain pan under the car that survived 100% in the fire, so I assume the under of the car is still good to go from needing any attention. The only rot on the car was a couple small holes in the rear wheel wells I had fixed when doing the underneath. The car was in great condition as seen in the last picture.
This is a legit Vega from Yenko Chevrolet. By 1975 there were no performance modifications to these cars. I have the original build sheet with all the original Yenko paperwork and dealer folder. They are in a filing cabinet in my house and was not part of the fire. These will come with the car. There are 4 GT rims that come with the car, 2 are installed.

This car was not insured at time of fire and still has a clean title.

Not included in this auction but available separately: rebuilt saginoff 4 speed transmission and bell housing. Flywheel and 4 speed shifter. Possibly more I can't think of. I think the clutch pedal set up is in back of the car.


Item location:Daisytown, Pennsylvania, United States
Vehicle Title:Clean