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1958 Chevrolet Apache shorted stepside big window in California!


1958 Chevrolet C/K Pickup 1500 Description:

This is my neighbors truck. He has had it forever. The little pink-slip says 1980. They called him the piano man because he had a piano in the back year round. Piano Man would drive the 1/2 mile to the UC berkeley campus and rock out for the students. He did this for 30 years. I remember him from high school, I graduated in 89. This truck hasn't been driven much. Just down to the school and around town. He said he sold it to make his roommates happy and there would be more parking.It has a sliding lock to keep the drivers door shut. The drivers door is bent at the top. There is rust in the cab corners and bottom of the doors. When I turned the key I heard the faint hum of an electric fuel pump. The truck starts easy with a floor mounted lever made from a large bolt. There isnt much throttle response. The pedal only moves a couple inches. The truck moves around great and the engine revs up nicely. I didn't know why the EBrake wasn't working but after looking at the pictures its easy to see a busted cable. I should be able to patch that up. Its a simple enough truck you should be able to fix stuff just looking at it.The interior is a surprising high point as the seat is supple and well padded. We drove the truck around for an hour straight and it doesn't appear to be slowing down whatsoever. The floor boards don't have any thru rust. The entire truck is in great shape as it sat under a mighty oak waiting for its next outing. This truck brought music to thousands and thousands of students and everyone remembers Scott banging away on the keys. He was a good piano player and this truck was a part of his persona.


Item location:Hayward, California, United States
Model:C/K Pickup 1500
Vehicle Title:Clean