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1993 Corvette 40th with Z07 option ( 1 of 824)


1993 Chevrolet Corvette Description:

1993 Corvette 40th ann with Z07 option, ruby red lady bought ne, have sticker.LT1 350 auto. See sticker for options . 40895 miles, not one wench to the car other thanK&N air filter and spark plugs.Call for info about car 7343479191There was no accident with this car, a kid on a bike hit the rear of the car.Wife called the police and never got the report, in 2017 we found that the MD police wrote areport using my wife info on this car for an accident. We have contacted CarFax, our Lawyer, and everything we couldto fix this mistake but it's been so long ago not even AAA has a records to show it's not true, so we have to live with it.My wife bought this car new and it has never been hit in anyway other than a small mark on the bumper from the bike.The car can be taken to GM to verify it has all original parts and original paint.Car Fax doesn't have it correct about a title correction eithe, My wife put me on the title for death purpose but car fax had ittwo owner ca, we had them fix that !Car Fax also has listed the car was bought in 1996 which is wrong she bought it new in 1993.How could this be a one owner if it was bought in 1996 ? It's was bought in 1993 new and it's always been in this family.Pick up onl, sold with no warranty/as is.


Item location:Belleville, Michigan, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear