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1962 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible (mild custom)

Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1962 Chevrolet Impala SS Description:

This car has had an extensive frame off restoration. There is no rust anywhere on this car. It has it's original 327 V8 motor,Automatic Transmission (cast iron Powerglide) and Power Steering.
The trim number on the trim tag is 821. This decodes to (Impala SS Convertible), so the car is an authentic factory SS. However, I restored this car for myself, choosing some minor cosmetic changes, and that is why I call it a mild custom. While at a car show some time ago, side by side there was a 62 Impala SS convertible, and a 62 Bel Air 2 door. The Bel Air had some differences I liked. For instance, the Bel Air did not have that large aluminum panel that goes behind the tail lights, so this car is without that large aluminum tail panel. Also, the aluminum trim that runs along the sides of the car now have red inserts, rather than the SS silver inserts. I also thought the dashboard looked better in the Bel Air, with its gauges just sitting in the paint, so this car is without thatflat trim piece that goes behind the gauges. (I did add the Bel Air thin dash trim that goes under the gauges.) Basically, if Chevrolet had made a Bel Air SS convertible in 1962, it would have looked a lot like this car. Also, in 1962, the Impalacame withHot/Cold temperature lights on the dashinstead of a temperature gauge,but Ireplaced the temperaturelights with a temperature gauge that came stock in the 1961 Impala. Since these photos were taken, I have replaced the clock with a volt meter, the original clock is in the glove compartment.
After purchasing the car, (in 2008) the car was disassembled completely. Metal supports were welded across the door openings to maintain the structural integrity. Then the body was removed from the frame. The frame and suspension parts were blasted and painted black. All new suspension bushings and ball joints were installed, and new rear springs were installed to restore proper ride height. The entire body and all body panels, (fenders, hood, trunk lid, doors, and many small parts) were all media blasted. The body and all body parts were sprayed with a self etching primer, and then it went to the welding shop for all the metal repair, including new inner and outer rockers, floor pans, floor braces, trunk pans, trunk drop down extensions, lower quarters, etc. From there it went to the paint shop, where finish body work was completed and then painted. The car has been painted with urethane base coat / clear coat, (the best), and the color is 2010 Hyundai Cotton White. The best I can describe the color would be it's a creamy off white with a hint of vanilla. It's not a bright white, and it goes very well with the red. I must have driven to 5 new car dealerships to look at colors before I decided on this color. I hope you find it as classy as I do. You could check out the color at a Hyundai Dealership. The dash, and all the red metal parts have been painted 2010 Ford Bright Red (code E-4). Finally it came back to me for re-assembly.
When I ordered the complete new interior, I told them not to put in that silver piping that normally comes on the SS seat covers and door panels, plain red piping is there instead, looks fantastic.The car has new tuxedo carpet and red seat belts, front and rear. The window cranks are from a 1960 Impala, they have a nicer vintage look. The original radio works, with both front and rear speakers. The car has all new weather-stripping and a new red parade boot as well. I have installed a nice set of vintage 14 inch Crager SS Mags, I like these much better that the 1962 wheel covers. Dual antennas have been installed. Since these photos were taken, I have added all new bumpers.
The motor is it's original re-built (pistons .030 over) 327. The transmission is a re-built cast iron powerglide, and an external transmission cooler has been installed. The rear end is a rebuilt open carrier, 3:08 ratio, great for cruising. It has stock single exhaust. It's rebuilt Rochester 2 barrel carburetor gives the car great drivability and fuel economy. It goes down the road very smooth and quiet, no hesitation, and when you stop at a red light you would not think there is a motor in the car. This car has been set up to be smooth, quiet and reliable. I installed a new self regulating alternator, but a nice generator and new voltage regulator come with the car, so you can bring the charging system back to original if you like. I installed valve covers from a 1960 Impala, (I like the "Chevrolet" script) on them. New gas tank. All new braking components, lines, hoses, wheel cylinders, shoes, drums turned and a dual line master cylinder has been added for extra safety. The power steering control valve and slave cylinder and pump have been rebuilt, and the power steering works excellent. The front end has just been aligned, as of June this year.
The top is new, with new hydraulic lift cylinders. It works great, but the top has some wrinkles in it. There are a couple of very minor dings in the paint and on a couple of trim pieces, but the car looks stunning, runs excellent, and everything works. I have been at this hobby for quite some time, and this car is the nicest one I have ever done. This car needs nothing to drive and enjoy right now, and that's what this car is for, to drive and enjoy, and it drives like a dream.It's currently registered, and I do drive it from time to time. The top of the exhaust manifolds haveturned a little brown from being driven,but other than that it looks as goodif not better in person than the pictures show.I encourage anyone who is interested to come and see it. Price is $59,000.
I have added some photos of the car at the paint shop, with all the metal work done.
There are a lot of extra parts that come with the car. Most, if not all, of the original SS trim is included, along withthe original wheels and 2 extra mags.If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 413-539-9769 (before 8:00 PM EST)


Item location:Chicopee, Massachusetts, United States
Interior color:Red
Engine:327 V8
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear