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1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z with 5.7 Liter Tuned Port

5.7 Liter Tuned Port V-8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1989 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc Z Description:

1989 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z
5.7 Liter - 350 Cubic Inch - Tuned Port Injection - V-8
4 Speed Automatic Transmission
55,250 Original Miles as of listing
T-Top Coupe with Air Conditioning
Highly Sought After Black & Gray Interior Combo
Take a look at this car!! If you have been looking for a no excuses, never modded iconic Iroc-Z from 1989, I have your car!! This car is a very original survivor car that has spent more time being stored than being driven. This is a 3 owner car although the first owner had the car for almost 30 years. This car was originally owned in Pennsylvania up until 2017 when it was bought by a buyer in Ohio who owned the car for a short time and sold it to a Wisconsin buyer who purchased it for his wife. I took the car in on trade from him, his wife didn't want to drive the car to work, it is just too nice to be a daily driver. If you're thinking I'm the 4th owner, well technically dealers aren't considered owners, so that would make you the 4th owner of this awesome machine!!
Let's talk about the paint and body. It has a great shine for it's age, it isn't perfect in that it isn't new, but there is very little wear or tear on it. There is NO clear peeling or paint flaking off the car. There is a small area of spidering on the rear corner of the bumper and a few small stone chips behind rear wheels and lower front cover. I do not believe this car has ever been painted on. There is no mask lines, dust, runs, etc anywhere on it, the entire thing shows as original. The body is overall in beautiful condition. Considering the age of the car and paint it is a strong 9/10. The shine and finish are stunning, no buff swirls, no scuffs or scratches.
Doors, Power Open/Close Hatch, Hood all open close as they should, shocks all work no need to hold everything open by hand. Power Locks and Windows work great. Cruise Control works as it should. Air Conditioning blows cold, heater blows hot. Power Seat works perfectly. T-top bag is still present in the rear compartment it looks like new. Also rear privacy shade in rear is present and functional in great shape and rear side storage compartment is in great condition. Seats, carpet, headliner are all very nice, no rips, tears, holes, etc. Same goes for door panels, dash, no cracking from sun and no fading all shows like new. The center console button is a little messed up, the console lays down nice but you don't have to push the button to open it. This is very minor and not noticeable unless you actually lift on it. The stereo has been upgraded to an aftermarket CD-player with AUX input. I do not have the factory stereo for the car.
Engine runs very strong. This thing fires right up, no need to sit and crank on it. Transmission shifts smooth into drive and goes through the gears flawlessly just like when it was new. This car truly drives like all of it's owners loved it. There is no harsh shift, or slippage like so many of these cars that have had the life pounded right out of them. The oil pressure is around 40-50 cold and 30 when idling at full temp. Really there is no excuses on this car it drives like it just rolled out of the showroom. Tires are like new, I have been told they only have a couple thousand miles on them and were installed within 2 years ago.
The wheels do not show any curb rash or serious damage. They are not oxidized or faded, they look excellent. Original factory center caps and lug nut covers are still present and show nicely. Painted portions of wheels also show as original. The undercarriage of these cars is never all that pretty, however this one could be made to look like a trailer queen if you so desired, everything is there from original and it just needs to be cleaned up a bit. I included a few pics of the floors and the fuel / brake lines so you can see just how clean everything underneath it. There is some surface rusting on the driveshaft, a few spots on the heat shield of the cat, and also the sway bars and control arms. These cars did not have painted floors, the factory just coated them and then painted the cars. I have seen people who clean them up and paint the underneath black for show, but this car remains as it did originally. Also door jambs, underhood, and hatch all retain their original labels and stickers, including the VIN sticker on all panels. This is quite rare, many Iroc cars out there the labels either aged and peeled or were outright painted over.
This is pretty much what I know about the car, if you have any specific questions please feel free to fire away and I will answer them as best I can. I did take more pics than eBay allows me to post but they are mostly just different angles and what not of what is already posted. If you have a specific area or something you want a picture of let me know and I will do my best to get them to you.
I am a Licensed Wisconsin Dealer, if the purchaser of this vehicle is a Wisconsin resident the car will be titled and registered through me and I will have to collect state, county, and local sales taxes as they apply to you. I do not charge any document service fees or any other weird hidden fees, you will only pay what the state requires you to pay. If you are a Non-Wisconsin resident you are responsible for titling and registering the car in your home state. We can discuss what paperwork you need upon purchase, generally just a bill of sale and the title is all you will need.


Item location:Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States
Type:T-Top Coupe
Trim:Iroc Z
Interior color:Black
Engine:5.7 Liter Tuned Port V-8
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear