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classic vintage chrome chevy brougham carprice 5.0 v8 auto transmission gray

5.0 Liter V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1990 Chevrolet Caprice Brougham LS Description:

You know that oft-repeated backstory about the lightly driven car that's been owned by the senior citizen without much inclination to get behind the wheel and drive it? In reality, it's almost never an accurate characterization, but in the case of this 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Brougham LS it really is true. This well-proportioned cruiser has served just one family during its lifetime and has logged an unusually low number of miles, so it not only offers plenty of room for... your passengers to travel in comfort, but it's also well positioned for plenty more smooth driving in the future. There's little doubt that this Chevy has spent the vast majority of its time safely sheltered in a garage. Its gray exterior shows little effect from the passing years - the paint still presents as impressively, with a nice shine and a surprisingly smooth texture and its vinyl top looks much as it did when the car was new. Even at close range, its exterior alignment will stand up to scrutiny - the gaps surrounding its quartet of doors, as well as its hood and deck lid, are tight and consistent. Being so lightly driven, it's had little occasion to have been run into any immovable objects, so its bumpers are table level and still sport fresh rubber trim. Drivers of a certain age rarely get a hankering to modify a well-equipped but no-nonsense ride like this, so it remains in entirely stock configuration. As a '90, it also represents the model as it sported its unabashedly squared off shape for the last time - some big changes would prove to be right around the corner. Climb inside, and likely the first thing you'll notice is just how much room is at your disposal. There's quite a bit of real estate separating the two rows of split bench seating and all that room combines with still-plush padding to make for seriously comfortable cruising. Next, as you look around the interior you're sure to notice just how fresh its components are - having had occasion to put just a touch over 30,000 miles on the odometer after nearly 20 years of service has definitely paid some dividends here, There are no obvious stains or signs of pronounced wear anywhere. Coming along when it did, this Caprice was outfitted to please an American car buying public showing an ever increasing expectation of comfort and convenience in their cars, so it features cruise control, power windows and door locks, power seats, and air conditioning that's capable of cooling the cabin in very short order. The factory issue AM/FM/Cassette is still working just fine, as is every power option this Chevy left the factory with. The engine compartment has received some focused attention to look as clean as it does. There's no grime buildup anywhere under the hood and the original fuel injected 5.0 liter V8 still takes center stage. Another beneficiary of the car's unusually light usage, the engine is just now entering its prime and propels this cruiser forward with enthusiasm, pairing with a 4-speed automatic transmission that shifts flawlessly and offers an overdrive gear to bring revs way down at highway speeds. Its unaltered, relatively high stance makes for outstanding ride quality, while the featured power steering makes it easy to navigate. Power brakes at all four corners, with discs up front, bring this sedan's set of 15" stock wire wheels to prompt, fade resistant stops. Below, the undercarriage looks great - it's unlikely that this Caprice has ever been navigated into hostile territory. With plenty of room for whomever you want to bring along, and both an interior and exterior that's been well sheltered from the forces of time, this 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Brougham LS represents a rare opportunity. Call today!


Item location:Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States
SubModel:Brougham LS
Trim:Brougham LS
Interior color:Gray
Engine:5.0 Liter V8
Vehicle Title:Clear