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1940 Chevrolet 1/2 ton truck

100000 MILEAGE

1940 Chevrolet Other Pickups Description:

For sale: 1940 Chevrolet truck.

I have owned this truck for the past 7 1/2 years. In that time, there have been many parts replaced and repaired, with many NOS or genuine GM parts, in order to have the confidence to hit the road without major set backs. I have styled this truck after a parts runner/ shop truck.


Super clean and straight for this pre war style truck. Paint is a brushed on primer with hints of the original pinstriping and red color in the door jams and fire wall. Great looking, desireable patina.

Cab corners are free of rust. The front of the cab has minor bubbling on both sides where the front fenders meet the cab. Rockers are straight and rust free. Windsheild area is rust free. Floors are straight and rust free.

Running boards are rust free and super straight. Fenders are rust free with minor dents and dings, better than most trucks from this era.

Doors are straight and mostly rust free. Bottoms of doors, on the outside, are starting to show pitting and minor rust though.Very common in trucks of this era.

Bed sides are straight with minor bowing from the tailgate section, as are common in the trucks of this era. Bed stakes do have minor rust on the rear bottoms. Tailgate is present and very straight. The front Bed panel does have minor rust at the bottom where it meets the wood.

Hood is straight and rust free.

Grille is above average on trucks of this vintage with minor dents and pitting on the chrome. Doghouse is straight and rust free. Chin pan is present with some dents and pitting.

Drive train:

Early 1954 261 motor identified by the 1 captain bar above the starter. High compression 848 head. Mild cam. Split Chevrolet manifold, as it was done back in the day, goes into two, 2 chamber flow masters mufflers for more of a deep throated rumble rather than the low rider inline 6 rrraaaaap.

A rebuilt 3 speed transmission with synchro 2nd and 3rd, is used to move the truck along.

The truck was lowered 3" using a drop axle kit from Nostalgia Sids. At the same time, new kingpins, knuckles, steering components, were replaced. The rear of the truck is lowered with 3" blocks.


Very clean and original paint on the interior panels.

Original headliner is present, but is cracking and sagging due to time.

All dash gauges/ components and knobs are present and only the cigarette lighter does not function.

Windshield crank is present and does operate as it should.

Horn works as it should.

Map light switch (under dash) is present and does function as it should.

Inside locking wing nut is present and does function as it should.

Window cranks and door handles are present and work.

Seat has been re upholstered with vintage material used on school buses.

Correct 1940 chevrolet heater/ defroster fan and vents to the windsheild have been installed with correct "HEAT" and "DEFROST" ark les accessory switches as was done from the dealership.

Windows roll up and down with a bit of help. New owner Will need to install new window rubbers and felt if desired. Cracks on the driver side and passenger side windows

Original front and rear window as can be seen by the date code, with no cracks and only few rock chips. Very good for this era trucks.


Have been rebuilt in the past years. Newer wheel cylinders. Newer shoes. Emergency brake handle is present and is in working condition.

Wheels and tires:

Correct factory 16" wheels with correct hub caps. Beauty rings have been added.

Tires are 6.50- 16 Firestone piecrust bias ply. A bit checked and weathered with lots of tread.


The truck still retains the 6v system with most of the original wiring intact. That being said, it is brittle and will need to be replaced at some point. Some newer wiring has been used in order to get the maximum voltage to some components.

The vehicle is located in Reno, Nevada. I have taken many 300 mile trips in this truck on the highways and the backroads of Nevada and California. I have gained a lot of confidence in the performance of this truck. That being said, I would not drive long distances without the proper tools, spares, planning and a follow vehicle. I feel I have described the truck honestly and to the best of my knowledge. If I have left something out that you need to see pictures of, or need a question answered please feel free to call. Those who are serious will take a serious route to purchase.

I have taken off the swamp cooler, running board luggage rack, fog lights, grille guard, fog light switch, and flashlight and holder in order to drop the price a bit.

I reserve the right to end the listing at any time, as the vehicle is for sale locally.


Abe in Reno



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Item location:Reno, Nevada, United States
Model:Other Pickups
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear