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1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible

Convertible BODY TYPE
Flat 6 Turbocharged ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible Description:

1963 Corvair Monza Spyder Convertible. This car was acquired from an estate of a Corvair fanatic who had 16 Corvairs. After he died a broker sold the cars for the family. This was the last one to go and I was told the broker was driving it back and forth to work. Brave soul! When the car arrived it looked like a 1963 time capsule. Unfortunately it also looked as though certain systems on the car hadnt been serviced since 1963, it had almost no brakes left and rusty fuel lines, and the bias ply tires were splitting at the sidewalls.Please note, true mileage is unknown, the odometer reading may be on its second trip around, or it may be a replaced speedo, the cable certainly looks newer than 1963.
So here is what I have had done to the car so far:New radial tires all 4 wheels. The spare is still an old but not used bias ply but the car still has the spare in the correct location for a turbo motor and it has the locking mount, and I have the key.Brakes:Converted to dual reservoir master cylinder for safety, new reservoirAll new steel lines and brass junction blocks from cylinder to wheelsNew flex lines toNew wheel cylinders, springs, shoesUsed restored and newly turned drumsRebuilt self adjustersThe whole braking system is new, the pads haven't even bedded in yet
While the wheels were off new front wheel bearings were installed although the old ones seemed fine.
The fuel system was renewed:New gas tank, lined with ethanol proof linerNew hard lines where old were too rusty to reuseNew filterRestored return line system to tank
Engine:Compression check (Textbook is 130) Cyl 1-130, 2-128, 3-127, 4-125, 5-117, 6-133Crankcase vent system cleared and restored to normal functionOil pan was all beat up and leaking, one stripped bolt, threads heli-coiled and new finned aluminum pan with silicone gasketSilicone gaskets put on valve covers (solved major oil leaking problems)New thermostat bellows on both cooling flapsTop shroud removed and cleaned, fan bearing checks OKElectronic ignition conversion (great help!), new spark plugs and wires, new 1965 style advance/retard moduleRebuilt turbo (rebuilt as a hybrid of 150 and 180 hp turbos, supposed to spool up quicker, I don't notice a difference)Rebuilt carburetorNew gaskets on intakeEntire new exhaust including manifolds, pipes, seals, mufflerTransmission and differential fluid changesNew correct clutch pullrod (car had a modified throttle linkage form clutch, correct rod now, clutch lets in a little high in pedal travel)Shifter modified for shorter throw shifting (easily reversed)
Radio:Has factory AM only radio, which was sent to Tayman Electrical for an Aurora conversion, now AM only looking radio is AM/FM Stereo MP3, I have a Sirius XM radio car kit installed, and if you have a Sirius XM Onyx type unit, plugs right in and sounds great.Dual cone speaker
All "take-offs" are included in sale: turbo, carb, gas tank (if you want it), oil pan.
Car runs fine, motor has been cleaned as well as I can after an oil filter self destructed and bathed motor in oil (shut off immediately). Paint is in reasonable condition, could use a good buffing. Car was originally gold, but somewhere way back in time had a complete color change paint job in Ivy Green. No evidence of color change on exterior or jams, only under dash is any original gold, so very well done. Paint is still very old and has some spidering and the left rear valance does appear to have some bondo but no evidence of "crash" damage seen inside. Magnet sticks everywhere else on car, floorboards intact (I was under there myself). Convertible top still tight (I think it was replaced somewhere along the line) and functions perfectly. All gauges on instrument panel appear to work well, manifold pressure gauge shows good vacuum at low RPM, doesn't seem to register boost at high RPM. Passenger door very difficult to latch, but it does latch, I am including a set of used good condition replacement passenger door latches in sale.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The YOM black CA license plate is not included in the sale except to a California buyer at an additional cost.


Item location:Carmel by the Sea, California, United States
Trim:Monza Spyder Convertible
Interior color:Tan
Engine:Flat 6 Turbocharged
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear