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1959 Chevy Parkwood station wagon

Station wagon BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1959 Chevrolet Impala Parkwood Description:

up for auction today is a friend of the familys who s husband recently passed away is his 1959 chevy parkwood station wagon that's been stored in a barn for many years. hears what the widow told me, it was boughten out of hemmings motor news in of California and shipped back to new York by her now deceased husband many years back. upon arriving her husband found the v8 engine was ba, so he put a 6 cyl engine from a parts car that he had in it, and it turned out that that engine was bad too.she said he took that engine out and was going the get one of them rebuilt? well shortly after that her husband had a bad stroke. so all the parts that were laying around got put in the back of the car and the car was taken to a farmer friends barn for storage with the hopes that he would get better one day and put the car back together ? some years back the barn caught fire in a lighting storm and lucky for this 59 chevy wagon it was parked in front of a very valuable antique farm tractor that was started up and pushed the wagon out into the field with some other farm machines while the barn burned to the ground. the wagon sat out side uncovered for almost 3 year, till it was brought back inside the new barn where its been since. now the farmer where the was stored has passed away and the farm was sold so heres the wagon up for sale to help out the widow .this 59 chevy wagon still looks pretty nice with not much rust showing on the out side body. the floors pans need to be replaced. the tailgate area is showing some rust which is to be expected from the car setting out side in the elements. the under side of the car looks good . the frame looks to be in good condition, the floor ribs are nice.the rear roof looks good with only light surface rust. I have taken pictures to show the under side of this car for you to see. the windshield has a crack in it.all the side glass is in good condition. the body looks nice and has some small wrinkles here and there. this would make a nice patina cruzer. put your engine in and drive it like it is.the 3 speed over drive transmission is still bolted in the car. in the back I see the radiator, shrowd, looks like a v8 and a 6 cly bellhousings, generator and a box of bolts, motor mounts, fa, etc. she can not find the key to the car so we can t roll the window down to get better pics of the parts.she says she will keep looking? we put what looks like to be some orignal tires, wheels and hub caps that he had stored in his basement for this car. so there you have it. look at the pictures, ask questions if needed. there is no reserve on this auction. the car will sell to the highest bidder.out of country bidders are welcome to bid. this is an absolute auction. theres no warranty implied. the car is being sold as where is. I ve taken many pictures the help you make your best decision.after all everybody has their own opinion, but I think this car looks fairly decent for setting all these years. yes we have a clear ny title to the car which will sent priority mail to the new owner after full payment is received.a deposit of 500.00 for the car will be due 48 hours after auction close by either pay pal " threw friends and family only" ' its not my car' or Walmart to Walmart or by us postal money order or by bank wire transfer. full payment due in 7 days after auction close will be by pay pal " threw friends and family only" 'again its not my car" of Walmart to Walmart in small amounts cause they have a limit, us postal money orders only. or very easy bank wire transfer. the car can sit here free for 30 days as long as its paid for in full in 7 days.out of country buyers we will work with you as far as pickup times go as long as its paid for in the seven days.also we know someone that is reasonable that can can bring this car to one of the east coast ports for all buyers I under stand that its the holiday season and transport may take a little longer than expected will gladly work with all of you. also my brother at no fees can arrange transport of the car for you to anywhere in the us to save you broker fees.the car is inside of my brothers warehouse right now and due to production the car maybe moved out side in a fenced in locked secure lot, and a nice plastic cover will be put over it. due to some problem with ebay your questions may not be posted in the auction. but we will surely reply to you. remember to watch out for last minute bidders, they ll surely catch you off guard. have fun bidding and happy holidays to all.


Item location:Henrietta, New York, United States
Type:Station wagon
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear