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1962 Chevrolet Corvette Restomod Convertible 1962 Restomod Used Manual


1962 Chevrolet Corvette Restomod Description:

You're looking at a car that has no equal. This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is the kind of restomod that takes the ionic style and adds everything you could want. So while you're enjoying the performance of a modern LS1 V8 with a fully independent suspension, and the comfort of leather-clad A/C interior, you'll also be winning awards in a unique build that has been customized over every inch. This car doesn't try for a moment to hide its uniqueness. The bright, bold Millennium Yellow is not only out of a more modern color pallet, but also Corvette people will respect it instantly for how rare it is even when they offered it on the C5. This final-year first-generation Corvette was the right place for this speedy color. It retains the iconic design lines that made the Corvette America's sports car, but the car evolved with a less fussy front end and the duck tail rear that really made these look like they were ready to take on all the other cars out there. And like any good '60s machine there was plenty of brightwork. Everything from the intricate form-fitting split bumpers, to the delicate trim that runs the full-length of the front fender - it all has the mirror-like quality of serious investment. But there are also terrific modern details, too, that make this a true standout. It includes the Z06-style chrome wheels, HID headlights, custom taillights, cowl hood with LS1 proudly displayed, and the black folding roof that looks great against the black cowl insert to ensure that this custom 'Vette looks great even with the top up. A car this cool on the outside is going to wow you on the interior, too. Those Cadillac cream leather seats fit so perfectly between the C1's iconic waterfall tonneau, but we guarantee the modern buckets will hold you better than anything out of the '60s ever could. And we know you love how nicely the colors are coordinated inside. Not only is the same cream used for the doors, dash, shift boot, and even carpet piping, but also the burnt orange insert on the seat is repeated on the doors and steering wheel. It creates a striking and uniform package that lets you know this custom 'Vette could win awards on the interior alone. And more than just look fantastic, there are plenty of great comfort features like the full Auto Meter gauge package, an AM/FM/CD stereo, and provisions for power windows. Best of all, there's ice-cold modern R134a air conditioning, so you can stay cool while looking cool driving with the top down any time of year. Everywhere you park, you won't be able to resist lifting the hood and showing off this exceptional engine bay. Just like the rest of this custom build, you're looking at a heavy investment in creating a fully-coordinated package. Everything under the hood is yellow, black, or chrome - and it stays true to this uniform presence right down to the performance air filter. And more than just the color presentation, the way the firewall is so smooth and the entire appearance is clutter-free, tells you this was a meticulous labor of love. Besides just looking great, you're going to love driving this one. That's because the LS1 callouts were not lying. And you have complete control over this 5.7-liter fuel-injected power plant because GM's six-speed manual transmission was added, too. Out on the road, this handles like no C1 that you know. The SR111 Motorsports tubular chassis adds a level of stiffness these Corvette never had. Plus the fully independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes take this first generation car and bring it in line with some of the most modern Corvettes out there. And you might want to take some real time to look over all of this in the undercarriage photos, because there was a TON of $$$$$ getting this performance suspension polished and ready for primetime. There is a different caliber of custom car, and it's the kind you can put a mirror under at any show. This is obviously that kind of upper-echelon machine. In fact, it already has gotten attention from national magazines, TV shows, and major awards. You even get a photo file documenting how something this detail-oriented was built so right. It usually takes a lifetime to get a car looking like this, but if you're lucky enough, the ultimate corvette could be yours tomorrow. Call today!!!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Tan
Engine:350 LS1
Vehicle Title:Clear