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1975 Restomod Manual

85,510 MILEAGE

1975 Chevrolet Vega Restomod Description:

The fact that it's looking very sharp and carries a largely factory appearance might lead you to believe that this 1975 Chevrolet Vega was a memento from the mid-'70s that's come through the decades merely benefitting from plenty of shelter and good care, but it's far more than that. It's also packing some serious power under its hood, as well as a variety of other well-chosen modifications to make it an absolute blast to drive, and it comes complete with build receipts to document its transformation. The fetching brown metallic lacquer paint gives it a very vital look, underscoring the notion that this vintage compact has been well looked after while not giving any hints as to the outsized power it's packing. Though a little bit of polishing will bring out the best of the shade, you'll find no serious imperfections as you circle the car, including the prominent swirls you so often see from overly exuberant detailing. The exterior in its entirety presents very well - clear glass surrounds the cabin, the bumpers both fore and aft sit table-level and sport fresh looking rubber pads, and the badging on all four sides is very much on point. From all appearances, any exterior fitting that was questionable has been either restored or replaced entirely to provide a very finished, yet understated look. Looks like we've got the epitome of a "sleeper" right here, and a fine looking one at that. The tan interior sports its original '70s vibe and mixes vinyl and cloth. Still in factory configuration, it looks pretty sharp for a car more than 40 years old. Both the front buckets and rear bench seat have plenty of life left in them and don't show any major blemishes, so the only obvious area for improvement would be the door panels, which do show some age, but not to excess. You'll find gauges and control knobs still residing in the dash, and they are all functional, with the exception of the dashboard clock, which will only be correct twice a day at present. The black dash pad running the width of the cabin is in great shape, with no visible cracks on its still-supple surface. Lift the rear hatch and you'll find plenty of usable space, even with a pair of speakers sitting in place to bolster the output of the AM/FM radio. An ultra-premium ZZ430 V8 sits in the center of a very clean engine compartment, looking great with its chrome air cleaner and matte-black, properly badged valve covers. As far as power is concerned, it's in an entirely different world from anything Chevy ever endeavored to put in a Vega, delivering well over 300 horsepower in its current de-tuned condition - enough to propel this lightweight car forward like a rocket. A 6-speed manual transmission lifted from a mid-'90s Corvette, sits just behind it, providing smooth shifts and teaming with a 3.70 posi rear end to optimize the engine's output while providing a perfect match with the transmission's overdrive gears. With its low center of gravity, the Vega scored impressively well on the skidpad from the start, so corner carving ability is present and accounted for, as well. A Griffin aluminum radiator sits up front to keep temperatures in check and an aluminum driveshaft has been added to optimize power efficiency. Upgraded 4-wheel power disc brakes provide prompt, fade resistant stops as this exhilarating vintage street machine plies its trade on a set of IROC wheels wrapped in performance radials. Looking very sharp and harboring plenty of power, this 1975 Chevrolet Vega would be a great match for the enthusiast looking for a truly unique, yet fun-filled ride. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Tan
Engine:ZZ430 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear