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1959 Fiberfab Centurion Corvette Stingray Racer XP 87 Replica- 1960 C1 Chassis

Convertible BODY TYPE

1960 Chevrolet Corvette Description:

You are looking at an ultra-rare Fiberfab Centurion Corvette.According to Wikipedia,five of these cars were produced.

The Fiberfab Centurion was a limited production replica intended to copy GM’s one off 1959 XP 87 Corvette concept car.The original XP 87 is still in possession of GM remains hidden away in their archives.The XP 87 was the for runner to GM’s C2 design and Bill Mitchell’s vision of a Stingray racer.

Centurion bodies were delivered as kits around 1965.Deliveries ceased soon after production started due to the imprisonment of the designer and company founder Warren “Bud’ Goodman.Some publications have said the production was shut down due to a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by GM.Either way, Centurions are rarely seen for sale.

This is a chance to own and build a Centurion Stingray Racer your way.

This centurion was sold and delivered to customer in Utah who’s only actions were to mount the body on a 1960 C1 Corvette chassis.The car was traded to a second owner in late 1970’s.The second owner has glassed the doors and tilt hood solid, cutting a standard corvette style hood for engine access.The seams are obvious to the naked eye and could be reversed with mid level fiberglass working skills.The car remains in unfinished condition haven been more-less untouched for about 30 years.

The car is being sold with a clear title to the 1960 Corvette that supports the body. The car is being sold as a roller less engine & transmission.I will include the engine & trans for an additional $2,300 above final bid.The engine is a casting # 789935 the deck has been shaved so I don’t know the cubes or the year.The trans is Borg Warner T10 4-Speed.

The car also comes with a bill of lading dated 1965 that shows the original owner.It is mystery why the Kellison Car company would have been involved in the shipping.I contacted Steve Kellison, son of the founder the late Jim Kellison.He said this industry was close knit in those days.His guess was that Kellison was very experienced in shipping bodies when the Centurion was made Kellison could have been assisting Fiberfab with the shipping process.

Some Centurions were fitted to C2 chassis. I don't know if the bodies are different or if theywere modified to fit.

The car is currently near Salt Lake City Utah and can be viewed or picked up after October 18.

I'll try an answer any questions within 24hrs.Pleaseso be patient if you see and answer right away.Good Luck and thanks for looking.


Item location:Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear