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1972 72 chevrolet c10 pickup truck short box

98,057 MILEAGE
350 4bbl ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1972 Chevrolet C-10 Description:

I have for your consideration this 1972 Chevrolet C10 2wd pickup. This is a nice little truck that will make someone a good little cruiser. I have just finished a summer long rebuild of most of this truck. I mostly build K5 Blazers and Jimmys from this era. Once in awhile something outside of that box catches my attention and finds its way in the shop. Such as this truck for instance. This truck was originally a California designated truck per the SPID tag. It spent the majority of it's life about 22 miles from me. It had the same owner for almost 40 years. I purchased the truck from the nephew of that owner after his passing. This is an original short box 115" wheelbase truck, and factory coil spring suspension front and rear. Not a cut down long box or any of that business.What mostly caught my eye on this truck was the original paint. I knew what I was getting and didn't have to worry about what was possibly hidden underneath.I am going to describe this truck in length and detail. I know its hard to get a good idea of what you are looking at off of 24 pictures and a bunch of words. So if I bore anyone I apologize. Also I am more than happy to send anyone as many pictures or videos of the truck that they would like.The following work I have done to the pickup has at this point about 25 miles on it. It may pick up another 25 but that would be about it. I have worked the bugs out of things and wanted to drive it a little to make sure it's a turn key truck.So after completely disassembling the truck, all body work was performed in my shop. The box is still the original GM box. The tailgate is an NOS tailgate I've had stashed away and fits like a glove. For those not familiar, NOS meaning New Old Stock brand new General Motors parts. Not aftermarket but brand new from 25-50 years ago. I did replace the wheel tubs in the box with new Goodmark GM certified parts. Besides that the box is all original and very very nice. The doors, fenders, hood, and cowl panel are all original to the truck and are rust free and never have been rusted. Cab corners have never been rusted, I did replace the rockers with new. All paint materials used were PPG. After fixing the dings here and there, everything was primed and blocked as many times as needed to get things nice and straight. The body was shot with ppg deltron base clear in the original color of ochre yellow. It was cleared with ppg 3000. A good portion of the truck was color sanded with 1500 grit and buffed to a high shine using a 3M 3 part buffing system. The pictures do the truck no justice. It looks gorgeous in person.Everything inside the cab, box, firewall, doors, under hood etc etc was all painted and done rite. All panels that were removable such as doors, were all hung and painted separately so theres no masking lines from tape.I used an NOS grille shell from my stash on this truck, new inner grille, all new lower woodgrain trim, NOS tailgate woodgrain banner, new windshield, new sliding rear window. All weather strip and rubber in this truck is new throughout the doors, dash, glass, etc. The door and fender gaps all line up real nice, doors shut tight, no rattles. The windows roll up and down like a new truck. The tailgate shuts effortlessly, clicks in place and is completely tight. The hood fitment is perfect, it pops up a couple inches, and closes probably better than new. This is from hours of adjustment and years of working on these trucks. The original inner fenders, core support, battery box, hood latches, hood hinges, air cleaner etc. were all rust free. I had it all sand blasted and powder coated satin black like original. All new correct satin bolts were used in assembly. The original front bumper is in extremely good shape. I couldn't bring myself to discard it for a new one. The rear bumper is new.The truck is lowered 4" in the front and 2" in the back using a fairly basic lowering kit. It would be very easy to bring it back to stock height. I installed new shocks all the way around, and new BF Goodrich Radial TA tires on American racing 5 spokes. The rears are bigger than the fronts giving a little stance that looks classic hotrod for sure. The original fuel tank was cleaned out though it didn't really need it. New sending unit installed. New dash pad, new ACC carpet kit with original style floor mats. The seat was taken to an upholstery shop where I spent almost $1,700 having it completely rebuilt with all new high end foam and upholstery. The foam is way nicer than what you buy in the kits online. Its not hard as a rock. Its way nicer than they were in 1972. I installed a brand new Ididit reproduction tilt column that looks just like an original would. Very nice piece. The original steering wheel is in amazing condition with no cracks and little wear. Not a reproduction, the original! Even the original gauges are not faded yellow like most of these truck. It shows 98053 miles and was told its original. I have no way of proving this as the kid i bought it from hadn't found any old documents on the truck that would back this up. The wear and tear and certain components suggest it though.There are numerous other parts and pieces throughout the truck that i'm not going to mention as it would take way too long. New parts here and there, NOS parts etc. I'll stick with big stuff.I replaced the brake booster, master cylinder, and proportioning valve with all new, it has a brand new 4 core original style radiator in it with all new hoses, lines etc. The engine is what appears to be the original engine to the truck. It has received new rings, new crank and rod bearings. Everything is still all standard in the engine. Which is almost crazy. It didn't need bored or any of that either. It has an original cast iron intake and correct 1972 Quadrajet carb which is completely rebuilt. New starter, alternator, fuel pump, motor mounts, I upgraded the distributor to a later model HEI setup for reliability. No more points to mess with. Of course all new cap, rotor, plugs, wires, new Detent cable, hoses, belts, gaskets, seals, fluids throughout, etc. Brand new ceramic coated full length headers, and all new aluminized exhaust with an X pipe and flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers. The X pipe makes it quiet in the cab but sounds good from behind the truck. Its not obnoxious sounding, just classic muscle car sounding.All turn signals, 4 way flashers, brake lights, marker lights, dash lights etc all work. Heater, works on all speeds, new heater core, defrost hoses, glove box liner, firewall pad, all light bulbs are new. speedo, oil pressure, water temp, fuel gauges all work. High low beam headlights work. Original radio and speaker are in place. I don't think the radio works anymore but I really didn't spend much time messing with it. Dome light works, parking brake works.The truck drives down the road straight, I drove it home from the exhaust shop, it makes great power, stops straight, its just a good ole 72' chevy truck. Again there are a lot of things I've done to it that i'm either forgetting about or are two small to really mention. I'm sure you get the idea. I'll update the listing if I think of other things that should be mentioned. The glove box is full of receipts and the owners manual. I have the title and its in my name. I'm not trying to get a big crazy price for this truck, it doesn't have a powdercoated frame or a $15k LS drivetrain in it. It's basically completely stock other than the tires, wheels, lowering kit and fancy exhaust. I have put the word out so the truck may be sold locally or by word of mouth. If you want to own the pickup, get ahold of me and we can make a deal. There is a reserve but you'll find it's very reasonable. I ended up dumping a ton more money in this one than I had initially planned. But I wanted it to be nice. IF you have ANY questions, ask them before you bid. Non paying buyers will be left negative feedback and reported. I'm very easy to work with and am happy to work with your shipper. I have a guy that hauls vehicles all over the country enclosed and he is quite reasonable. I can get estimates with a zip code. Buyer is responsible for any and all costs associated with shipping. No warranty.If your looking for a freshly built, clean, attention to detail truck for a good price, this might be the one. Thanks for looking.


Item location:Laurel, Montana, United States
Engine:350 4bbl
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear