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1964 Convertible Manual

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1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Description:

When Chevy got under way with its second generation of Corvettes, it seemed a top priority was to put as much distance as possible behind their prized project and the competition, equipping it with distinctive style and an array of features you just couldn't find elsewhere. Well maintained and sporting its original colors both inside and out, this 1964 Chevrolet Corvette convertible is a great example of just how effective Chevy's planning and execution were. The Corvette had certainly been around turning heads for a while before this one debuted, but Chevy really ratcheted things up a few notches during that time. This '64 benefits from a much stronger foundation than those found on previous generations, and all that structural support has served it well, leaving it well-aligned, with a hood, doors and deck lid that open and shut smoothly and are surrounded by nice even gaps. Up front, the hidden headlights - one of several of the 'Vettes defining style features - sit flush in their lowered position and, having been recently serviced, will raise into position with no issues to reveal very clear lenses. This 'Vette is clad in its original Ermine white, and the paint presents well, showing no obvious blemishes and serving as a fitting backdrop for the clean, level bumpers in front and back. Should you encounter unfavorable weather while behind the wheel of this open-air classic, its white convertible top is on hand for protection and, though it could use a little cleaning, still seals well to keep the elements out. Inspired, driver-centric interiors were another hallmark of the Corvettes of this era, and the one on display here is no exception. You may find some evidence of use on the blue leather surfaces of the low-backed bucket seats, but with ample padding remaining and no serious tears in sight, they're plenty fit for action as is. Up front in the aeronautically inspired instrument cluster, the original gauges are easily readable and function just as intended. Even the power windows, so often a problem area in cars of this vintage, raise and lower without complaint. Air conditioning was an uncommon option in convertibles of this era, and though this system likely needs a charge, everything else is plumbed and ready to go to provide a feature that will really come in handy on hot days. An AM/FM/cassette deck sits under a very cool analog clock at the center of the dash to handle your audio options while on the road. A 350 cubic inch V8 resides in the center of a very clean engine compartment, looking sharp with its chrome air cleaner and valve covers. Everything appears orderly inside - there are no wires out of place nor grime build-up to be found - and you can see that this relatively spacious bay affords some working room around the signature ram-horn exhaust manifolds. The engine is in good form, emitting a nice deep exhaust note out of its dual exhaust and teaming with a 4-speed manual transmission to provide the "hands on" driving experience befitting a true American sports car. A look below reveals a sturdy undercarriage, as well as yet another defining feature - more than a half century ago, Chevy was already equipping Corvettes with independent rear suspensions, so this classic drop top has impressive handling abilities to go along with its dependable stopping power via its 4-wheel power brakes as it cruises on its set of 15" stock Corvette wheels outfitted with National tires. This 1964 Chevrolet Corvette affords the rare opportunity to put one of the most beloved classic American cars ever to roll off an assembly line in your garage. Call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Blue
Engine:350 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear