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1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 5-Speed Restomod NO RESERVE! 71 72 LS5 LS6 396

461 Big Block Chevy ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Pro-Touring Restomod MUST SELL! NO RESERVE! Description:

Year Make Model Trim 1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE SS 454 Pro-Touring Restomod Coupe
  • Year 1970
  • Make & Model Chevrolet Chevelle
  • Sub-ModelSS 454 Pro-Touring Restomod
  • Body TypeCoupe
  • Engine 461 Big Block Chevy
  • TransmissionTremec TKO-600 5-Speed
  • Rear Axle 12 Bolt Posi Rear
  • Exterior ColorCranberry Red w/ Black Stripes
  • Interior Color Black Vinyl
  • VIN 136370B154406
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Worried about buying a car because of depreciation over time? According to statistics, a car loses 10% of its value after being driven off the lot and an additional 15-25% per year. When you purchase a car like this, you can drive it, enjoy it, and actually make money over time as these cars appreciate in value every year. The 1970 Chevelle SS is the most iconic and sought after model of the GM A-Body being that it's only a one-year design. Because they are getting harder and harder to find in great shape like this one, the value climbs up especially as more and more people look to buy one. Don't miss out on an opportunity like this to purchase such a great investment for No Reserve!

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The Chevrolet Chevelle is a mid-sized automobile which was produced by Chevrolet in three generations for the 1964 through 1977 model years. Part of the General Motors (GM) A-Body platform, the Chevelle was one of Chevrolet’s most successful nameplates. Documented as one of the greatest Chevelle’s ever produced, the 1970 Chevelle was the highest powered Chevelle manufactured in the model’s lifetime, which ran from 1964 through 1977, and was the only GM car at the time to have ever topped the horsepower rating of the Corvette with its LS6 Model.

No Reserve Classics is finally introducing this beautiful 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Restomod for sale! This Chevelle has got it all! From speed to looks to comfort, you really can’t ask for anything better from a 50 year old muscle car! This car is filled to the top with so many different features that sets it apart from just about anything else on the market.

From it’s direct fuel-injected 461 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet that was fully built and documented down to the new Tremec TKO-600 5-Speed manual Transmission that was custom built to handle the torque and horsepower output this big block produces, you bet this car can burn rubber or cruise on the highway in a nice quiet 5th Gear Overdrive! Don’t forget to watch our introduction and test drive videos below to see this car in action!

Fresh Cranberry Red Paint with Black Stripes is a combination that everyone loves to see on a ’70 Chevelle. No Reserve Classics presents this exquisite 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Restomod for sale! It is definitely eye-popping and will get you a thumbs up everywhere you go! The brand new big Torq Thrust wheels and loud exhaust is the perfect icon of a matchbox classic American muscle car that will bring everyone’s attention.

We can’t emphasize how fun this car is to drive.You feel like you’re in a spaceship with the way this car can accelerate, bangshift, and handle. The interior is very nice and super comfortable to drive long distances in. The worst part about owning a classic car is sitting in a seat that has 50 year old seat foam and broken springs which just kills your back especially as you hit some bumpy roads! Not to worry though, this car is very comfortable to sit in and makes driving a classic fun again. Keep reading on to see what truly sets this car apart from other cars you will find for sale!

This car even comes a binder filled with many documents and receipts fromthe engine to the transmission and drivetrain down to a plethora of exterior components and miscellaneous accessories throughout!

Original 13637 2-Door Sport Coupe

Original Code 755 Black Interior

Original Code 75 Cranberry Red!

Don't stop here! Keep on reading below to find out what separates this restomod from anything else on the market!

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Test Drive Video

If you’d like more information, have absolutely any questions/concerns, or are interested in a similar car, please contact Joe at (732) 277-9021 for more details!
Under the Hood
  • Engine compartment was just completely detailed and cleaned for a fresh look!
  • aFuel-Injected461 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy that is filled to the top with so many high end performance upgrades! The list just goes on and on!
    • This car needs no thumping on the gas to start! In fact, thumping on the gas pedal will do nothing but open and close a throttle blade! It starts up like a regular normal car without the hassle of an improperly tuned carburetor that ends up flooding out on you.
  • Dart Pro 1 Oval Port Big Block High Performance Aluminum Cylinder Heads
    • These heads are not cheap junkyard cast iron cylinder heads with tiny valves!
    • Features 121cc Combustion Chambers
    • 2.25" Intake Valves
    • 1.80" Exhaust Valves
  • Comp Cams High PerformanceXtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Camshaft designed for use with Fuel-Injected and Computer Controlled Engines
    • .510"/.520" Valve Lift
    • 230°/236° Duration at .050" Tappet Lift
    • 114° Lobe Separation Angle
    • Grind Number is aXR282HR-14

  • Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum 1.7 Ratio Full Fulcrum Roller Rocker Arms!
    • What is a roller rocker? You see it on a lot of our ads and maybe some others but what do they do?
      • Every standard production OHV (Overhead Valve Engine) is equipped with rocker arms. From the factory in this era, they came with what are called 'stamped steel rocker arms'. Like a roller rocker, they move up and down opening and closing the valves as the camshaft rotates but how they open and close the valves is where the difference is.
      • A 'full fulcrum roller rocker' like this one uses a very smooth bearing on both the trunnion and the tip which allows for smooth yet rigid operation. A stamped steel rocker does not use any bearings. It instead makes contact with the valve stem by it's flat tip and besides the nut/stud in the center, nothing really keeps it moving in a single direction.
      • As you can imagine, when the engine is running all 16 rocker arms are moving thousands of times a minute which in turn produces a lot of heat and heat is an engines kryptonite! It reduces efficiency and results in poorer performance.
      • Roller Rockers are one of the best upgrades on the market for your valvetrain. Roller bearings do not produce nearly as much heat as there is less strain on the contact point. The pressure from its movement is evenly distributed among the rocker arm. This results in less wear and tear, better performance, and better efficiency/reliabilty.
    • Now you know!

  • Lingenfelter High Performance Multi-Port Fuel Injection System that feeds this hungry beast!
    • This system is a very expensive kit to purchase but the idea of easy running self-tuning high performance was not going to be accomplished with a carburetor.

  • Silver Sport Transmissions Tremec TKO-600 5-Speed Manual Transmission that grabs the engine's power and plants it to the ground! This setup and the high performance clutch makes bang shifting super fun and easy.Watch our test drive video to see this transmission in action!!!
    • This TKO-600 is rated to handle 600 horsepower and 600 lb/ft of Torque!
    • Includes SST PerfectFit case streamlining and Gen 6 short throw, smooth and quiet shift mechanism with tuned return bias, custom engineered for proper shifter location through the floor.
    • Only High Performance Pennzoil Synchromesh Gear Oil was used in this transmission for optimal protection and corrosion resistance!
    • The great thing about the Tremec 5-Speed Transmission is that you still have high performance gearing through your first four gears but still have a 5th Overdrive Gear that allows you to quietly cruise on the highway. There's not many classic cars on the road today that can pass people in the left lane on a major highway without the RPM's screaming in final drive.
      • Helps improve drivability and MPG's!!!

  • This engine is equipped with the famed Milodon Cad-Plated High Performance High Capacity Oil Pan!!
  • SFI 18.1 Approved Harmonic Balancer
  • Billet Steel 168 Tooth Neutral Balance High Performance Flywheel
  • 11" High Performance Clutch Set with Matched Pressure Plate
    • Heavy Duty 6-Puck Ceramic Button Clutch Disc Holds Up to650 lb/ft of Torque!!!
    • High Torque Sprung Hub and Disc Assembly
    • High Quality Carlisle (Wellman) Ceramic Puck Frictions
    • Excellent for Street, Strip, or Everyday Use!

  • Billet Aluminum Engine Oil Dipstick
  • High Performance Gear Reduction Starter with Upgraded Steel Gears
  • All the wiring in the engine compartment was replaced to ensure accurate electrical function of the DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) System this engine uses.
  • High Performance Optima Red Top Battery with High CCA's (Cold Cranking Amps) makes starting this high compression engine a breeze!
  • Custom Built Driveshaft by Silver Sport Transmissions that features Spicer Slip Yoke, Spicer High Performance Solid Hub Sealed Universal Joints, and Spicer Weld Flanges!
    • Dynamic 2-Axis Balanced
    • Painted, Serialized, and Certified by SST!

  • Polished Billet Aluminum Serpentine Pulley System -No V-Belt Pulleys Here!
    • All Lightweight Billet Pulleys that Shine Bright and Increase Performance!
    • Less rotating mass than standard steel pulleys which in turn lets the engine rotate quicker upon acceleration
    • The benefit of a Serpentine Pulley as opposed to a V-Belt Pulley is that the belt is wider which makes better contact with the pulley and it usually has six ribs which grips the pulley a lot better.
    • When you're at high RPM, the V-Belt Pulleys tend to slip which will result in poor cooling, electrical function, and even loss in Power Steering pressure! Not to worry here, this engine was properly upgraded with a Billet Serpentine Pulley System so that this does not happen while you're ripping on this car!
  • Even the Alternator Bracket and Alternator Fan are both constructed of Polished Billet Aluminum!
  • Northern High Performance Multi-Core Aluminum Radiator with Dual Electric Fans that keeps this car running cool even on those hot days!

  • Finned Aluminum Valve Covers that were purchased to match the Lingenfelter Air Intake which is the perfect mix between New School & Old School!
  • Brand New Power Disc Brake System with a Fully Chromed Out Booster Assembly & Master Cylinder
    • This braking system performs well and is just show-stopping!
    • Even comes with a Line Lock to do some smokey two-wheel burnouts!! (No open differential here!)
  • ARP Cylinder Head Bolts
  • ARP Exhaust Header Bolts
    • Even the fasteners are superior quality!
    • Not some cheap hardware store brand fasteners were used here!
    • This is important for high performance engines where the torque specification is critical and has to be accurate as possible. Poor quality fasteners will give false torque readings and will cause problems down the road (no pun intended)!
  • Full Length High Performance Hooker Competition Exhaust Headers that increase engine torque and horsepower significantly in comparison to stock cast iron manifolds which hold heat in resulting in poor MPG's and lower performance.
  • Polished Billet Aluminum Water Neck
  • Billet Specialties High Polished Billet Aluminum 16 PSI Radiator Cap
  • Accel High Performance DFI 6A Ignition System that spits high energy spark inside this engine resulting in consistent power output!
  • BRAND NEW MSD Pro-Billet Distributor

  • Ball Milled Polished Aluminum Mechanical Fuel Pump Block Off Plate
  • Lokar EFI Throttle Cable Assembly
    • For anyone whose ever built a classic car, you know Lokar Products are super expensive. This build did not use cheap no-name products where an opportunity presented. Instead, the more reliable and higher quality choice was purchased instead.

  • K&N Air Filter Element
  • Full Power Steering System with ALL BRAND NEW COMPONENTS that is a breeze to drive and makes driving a classic car fun again. No more breaking a sweat around turns with manual steering.
    • Late Model High Flow Power Steering Pump & Quick Ratio Steering Box
  • High Performance Element Style Valve Cover Breathers
  • Brake Lines from Front to Back & Head to Toe are ALL BRAND NEW!
  • Even the hoses are all brand new such as Upper/Lower Radiator Hoses, Heater Core Hoses, Power Steering Hoses, etc. No more dry-rotted leaking hoses to worry about here.
  • Jeg's Radiator Overflow Tank
  • All New Battery Cables
  • Even the inner fenders were replaced. The factory used plastic inner fenders on a '70 Chevelle, but the build couldn't settle for those flimsy pieces of plastic. Painted steel inner fenders were used here for better looks and increased front end rigidity!
  • Vision Motorworks Spark Plug Wire Separators

  • Fully detailed exterior (multi-stage wet-sand, buff, compound, polish, and wax) that brings out the shine on this beautiful car!
  • The car was given a fresh beautiful basecoat-clearcoat Code 75 Cranberry Red paint job with Black Stripes that shines like glass!
    • This car is an original Code 75 Cranberry Red car which is rare and highly sought after!
  • BRAND NEW 18" & 20" American Racing High Polished Torq-Thrust Restomod Wheels that gives this car a sick matchbox-car looking stance!
    • These rims are wrapped in BRAND NEW Ultra High Performance Tires in a staggered fitment to add to that extra muscle car stance.
    • Wheels and Tires were fully balanced using adhesive wheel weightson a high speed Roadforce Balancer
    • Brand New Valve Stems and Chrome Caps were installed during the mounting and balancing procedure and consistently hold air
    • BRAND NEW Lug Nuts were also installed

  • A lot of brand new trim all around the car which brings back the fresh dealership look this '70 Chevelle would've had 50 years ago!
  • Brand New Front & Rear Chrome Bumpers
  • Glasstek 4" Fiberglass Cowl Induction Hood
    • Weighs much less than a steel hood and doesn't nearly hold in as much heat as a steel hood would.
    • Not thought about much, this kind of modification does help an engine run cooler and make more power as the intake temperature is typically lower than that of a stock steel hood as a stocker acts like a heating blanket. Cooler intake temperatures equals more power!
  • Mostly all brand new bumper brackets!

  • Brand New Tail Light Lamp Lenses
  • Polished Stainless Steel Factory Style Exhaust Tips
  • All new Polished Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts on the Rear Bumper that keeps that fresh look on the rear of this car.
  • Almost all of the weatherstripping around the car has been replaced from the doors, to the hood to cowl seal, to the trunk, down to the inner/outer window felt sweepers!
  • All exterior lighting is working flawlessly making it super easy to drive on those nighttime cruises
  • Modern tinted front windshield visor to keep the sun out of your eyes as you're cruising down the road.
  • Brand New High Quality Reproduction Chrome Exterior Door Handles
  • New Door Lock Cylinders
  • Front Power Disc Brake System with Drilled & Slotted Rotors and Custom Painted Red Calipers that stop this heavy Chevy right on the money!
    • Show stopping looks and high performance braking!
  • All New Chrome Emblems Around the Car which restores the brilliant shine that most modern cars just cannot compete with!
    • All new Fender Emblems -SS 454!!
    • Brand New SS Front Grille Emblem
    • Brand New SS Rear Bumper Pad
  • Brand New Chrome Side View Mirrors
  • Brand New Chrome Hood Pins
    • Yes, the '70 Chevelle with a cowl hood did come with these hood pins from the factory just in case you were wondering

  • Freshly detailed interior with so many new parts, accessories, and modern upgrades to keep you comfortably driving on the road!
  • Beautifully and freshly redone Black Bucket Seats that are a pleasure to sit in and are easy on your back making long distance driving fun again!
    • Fresh upholstery done by Atlas Auto Trim in Edison, New Jersey.
  • Brand New Highly Desirable Center Console with the iconic and sought after Hurst 5-Speed Manual Shifter
  • Brand New 5-Speed Shifter Knob

  • Brand New Factory Style 80/20 2-Piece Black Loop Carpeting that truly restores the comfortability and function this car has to offer
  • Along with the carpeting, the headliner was also just freshly replaced and was fitted to perfection! The vinyl is super smooth and tight just like you would've seen from the factory.
  • Brand New Dome Light Lens

  • Center Console usually came with a 4-Speed Shift Pattern Bezel and when a car was upgraded with a 5-Speed, the factory one is typically left here. Not on this car! We purchased the correct Tremec 5-Speed Shifter Bezel to complete the form and function of this car's 5-Speed Transmission upgrade.
  • AutoGage 0-10K Tachometer with a User-Set Shift Light so you can keep your eyes on the road without having to look directly at the tach to read it.
    • Also backlit for those nighttime cruises!
  • Very Highly Sought After Factory SS Style Round Gauge Cluster
    • No Malibu/Base Model Sweeper Gauges Here!
    • You get Speedometer, Clock, and Fuel Level in the round style gauges which was an upgrade only available with the SS package back in 1970!
  • Brand New Rear View Mirror
  • Fully Functional Parking Brake
    • Very important to have on a car equipped with a manual transmission and is quite frankly not hooked up on many cars we find of this age.
  • Brand New Chrome Sun Visor Mounts & Bushings
  • Beautifully done Black Vinyl Sun Visors
  • Custom High Polished Billet Aluminum Steering Wheel with Chevy Bowtie Horn Cap
    • Custom Billet Grip and Black Vinyl Wrap
    • Fully Working Horn!!
  • Even the glove box light still works!
    • It's super rare for 50 year old cars to have as many working electrical components as this car does
  • All pedal pads are present and correct for the car.
  • Front and Rear Door Panels are in excellent shape and have all the correct trim and emblems
    • No missing window cranks, door handles, ash trays, etc. which are very common things to be missing from the interior of a 50 year old car

  • Correct Body By Fisher Polished Aluminum Carpet Sill Plates
  • Fully Retractable Front Lap Seat Belts keep you safe on the road with the correct GM Mark of Excellence Buckles and correct retractors.
    • These seat belts new or used cost a fortune! This is something most cars on the market are missing. Even cars claimed to be fully restored!!!
  • Brand New Driver Door Latch Assembly
  • Custom AutoMeter Pro-Comp Ultra-Lite Gauges on the Dash and A-Pillars
    • Shows you FuelPressure, Oil Pressure, and Water Temperature allowing you monitor your engine vitals while you take it out for a cruise or are ripping on it!
    • All backlit for easy visibility at night!

  • Brand New RetroSound Radio with Brand New Phoenix Gold Rear Deck Speakers. This system featuresAM/FM stations, and AUX that is fully compatible with your smartphone device (iPhone's and Androids) or even works super well with some of the older MP3 players such as an iPod or Zune! This system sounds ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Great for driving on those cruises where you can hear the sweet sound of a big block yet still play your tunes!
    • The great thing about this radio is it does not require any trimming or hacking of the dash to fit the radio in place. It utilizes the factory holes and even has a factory Delco Electronics radio resemblance. However, upon closer inspection, you will find it is a modern LED backlit digital radio that has a built-in amplifier and is nothing like the factory radio during usage!

  • As previously mentioned, this car is equipped with a line lock on the shifter.
    • Super easy to use! Just press the brake pedal as far as you can go, hold the line lock button, let go of the brake, and dump the clutch or let go of it slowly as you throttle it! Nothing but smokey tires without the need for a 3rd Foot!
    • This line lock is also equipped with a bright red LED indicator light on the dashas seen belowso you know when you're still keeping those front brakes locked.
    • The great part about line locks is you can do a burnout without burning up the rear brakes. When you normally apply the brake pedal, it sends brake fluid to all of the wheels. When you use the line lock, it holds the brake fluid pressure just on the front lines and not the rear. This system is a great addition to any car with any type of performance upgrade.

  • Freshly cleaned, de-greased, and detailed underbody giving a fresh clean look!
  • The entire frame was fully sanded down and professionally repainted semi-gloss black. It looks almost brand new!
  • All brand new suspension components with so many custom upgrades throughout you'll be surprised that you're driving in a 1970 Chevelle when you take turns with this car!
  • Upper and Lower Tubular Control Arms that were finished in a Black Powdercoat for ultimate handling and long-term protection from corrosion.
    • These control arms include all brand new upper and lower ball joints for smooth control arm movement and operation
    • Also includes Red Polyurethane Bump Stops
  • All coil springs and shockson all four corners were replaced with brand new ones to keep this car comfortable across today's bumpy roads!
  • Sway Bar Bushings were replaced as well as custom adjustable Heim Joint Style End Links were installed. You can now adjust front end roll which was something that even most modern sports cars cannot do!

  • All steering components such as inner and outer tie rod ends, the center link, idler arm, and pitman arm were replaced with High Quality OEM components!
    • Truly restores the handling of this muscle car to better than the way a factory '70 Chevelle would have ever driven back in the day!!

  • 12 Bolt Locking Differential -arguably the strongest rear end GM has ever produced!!
    • Contrary to what you might find in most Chevelle's on the market, this car is equipped with the famed 12 Bolt Rear thatspins both tires when you want to do a burnout.No embarrassing one-legged burnouts coming from this car!!
  • 3" High Performance Mandrel Bent Dual Exhaust System with a X-Pipe Crossover for increased horsepower output
    • With exception to the mufflers, the entire exhaust was welded together. Why not the mufflers? Well if you ever need to service the drivetrain, removing a fully welded exhaust is not fun! Instead of cutting away the exhaust or dropping the entire thing, you can now unbolt the X-Pipe from the headers and tailpipe section and out it goes. This makes a huge difference when servicing a high performance classic car like this one.
    • Even the O2 Sensor for the Fuel Injection System was properly welded into place so this engine can accurately tune the Air/Fuel Ratio.
  • SFI 6.1 Approved Transmission Bellhousing
  • Driveshaft is caged in by a driveshaft safety loop just in case it ever broke it wouldn't be slinging all over the place
  • All fuel lines (pressure and return!) underneath are constructed of braided high pressure lines with Black Anodized Aluminum -AN High Pressure Fittings and Hose Ends that seal wonderfully.
  • Lakewood High Performance Racing Shocks
  • All new front braking components from the backing plates to the caliper brackets to the calipers all the way down to the spindle hardware!
  • Fuel Tank was upgraded with a custom sump for the Fuel Injection System to properly consume fuel
  • Caged Style Traction Bars
  • Trunk was painted the correct factory-style Spatter Paint (see photo below!)

TakeawayTo briefly sum this car up, this 1970 Chevelle is the quintessential classic muscle car that you’ve been looking for. Whether you have a collection that you want to add this car to, take it to the track, or drive it everyday cruising on the highway, this car is built for just that. Not to mention you can’t ask for anything better than an old-school High Performance Big Block muscle car that has suspension you’d find on newer sports cars!
We encourage any potential buyers to please visit this car (if possible) as seeing it in a picture is just not going to do this car any justice. Please understand that this car was never completely frame-off restored and will have imperfections. Also we cannot verify this car to be a factory-born SS as it is a complete restomod with none of the factory drivetrain components or paperwork from the factory (build sheet, protect-o-plate, etc.). As with all classic cars, it may need a few odds and ends down the line as you begin to drive it more often but we would still be very proud to own and drive this car every day and know for sure you would be too.



This vehicle is being sold as is, where is with no warranty, expressed written or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, imperfection, defect or damage. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to bid based upon that judgement solely. The seller shall and will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this vehicle at the buyer's request prior to the close of sale. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle.


Unless the car is advertised as an original Mileage car do not assume that the Mileage/Odometer reading is the actual mileage. It is simply what the odometer is reading at the time of the pictures. IT IS NOT ACTUAL MILEAGE UNLESS STATED SO IN DESCRIPTION.

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Item location:Dunellen, New Jersey, United States
SubModel:SS 454 Pro-Touring Restomod MUST SELL! NO RESERVE!
Trim:SS 454 Pro-Touring Restomod MUST SELL! NO RESERVE!
Interior color:Black
Engine:461 Big Block Chevy
Drive type:Rear
Vehicle Title:Clear