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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS -2nd owner all original arizona cal. 4 Speed full doc

97,310 MILEAGE
396 V8 / 350 HP ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL


1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Rare 2 owner "Yellow Beige" Tri-color 1970 SS396 4-speed with air conditioning, cowl induction, and guage package. Fully documented, has pink slip current and copy of old one,REAL build sheet found by me, original protecto-plate, original owners manual,Current registration in California. History: built in Arlington, Tx. and shipped to O'Rielly Motor Company in Tucson, Az.. Earle F. was in Vietnam at the time. he said he wanted to buy a 1970 4-speed when he got home and this was the only one on the lot. To this day he still will only buy manual trans. vehicles.Earle and Mabel F. bought this car on October 1st,1970 with 26.8 miles on the odometer. She wrote notes on owners manual that day. Apparently it was on the lot for quite awhile having been built in April. They moved from Tucson to Fresno, Ca. in the 1970s where they still reside. I bought the car from them on May 5th, 2010 for 12,500 dollars. They had the original owners manual, protecto-plate,etc. He gave me a picture of the car when it was new.It had wide"O" ovals on it. I found the build sheet under the passenger floor tar insulation and took a bunch of pictures. soaked it in bug and tar remover like panning for gold. it ended up being completely readable and I put it in a frame. The original engine was on a stand disassembled and machined 30 over with no sleeves. original heads were rebuilt as was the original steel crank and rods. aftermarket pistons installed on rods. new bearings in boxes etc. I loosely assembled it(no rings) and left short block on stand. I had a nice, newly rebuilt 1971 396 already that I was gonna put in a 69 nova so I sold nova and put that in to keep original engine safe. Sooo car comes with 2 rebuilt engines. All the parts for engine were in the trunk and all original. exhaust manifolds, distributor, p.s. pump, water pump, carburetor(looked like brand new inside! amazing!), air cleaner, intake manifold, valve covers,alternator! EVERTHING. thank goodness. I lifted the body up and disassembled frame and had it media blasted. all new paint, rubber, suspension bushings. I installed a new posi unit and put original open diff in the box. original rear end with new seals and brake pads etc. with original wheel cylinders rebuilt by Karps. original front calipers also rebuilt by Karps. new u-joints on original driveshaft. original shocks still good! and on the car. original rims and trim rings etc. I replaced the original 2 pc. front discs with new ones. I still have one of those. Original fuel tank was clean and good! interior original but i put in buckets for some reason. still have original cloth bench. new windshield, installed very expensive correct grain restored outer steering wheel because rim was cracked. original seat belts are still pretty soft too. I wanted NOTHING on the car aftermarket so I couldnt even bring myself to change cracked dash and driver armrest pad. The original owner was the same way. in the trunk was (from the chevy dealer back in the day) new shifter boot, new dome light lens, new trunk weatherstrip, carpet kit! I had the harrison radiator re-cored. had original power steering pump rebuilt. (still leaks a little). original water pump rebuilt etc. vacuumed down air conditioner and original filter-dryer...seems to have no leaks. only had a little r-12 I recovered so air not blowing cold. Needs r-12. repainted roof and installed new dark gold vinyl top from sms auto fabrics. He said he got hit by a lady in a parking lot and passenger rear quarter was replaced from a donor car in the 70s. other than that all original pans and sheetmetal. no rust. original owner said original transmission was never rebuilt but still good. so I changed seals and oil and clutch etc. Its still working excellent. amazing. I cleaned and lubed original muncie shfter also. replaced complete exhaust system with an expensive reproduction Gardner exhaust. Drives nice! speedometer and radio not working. I repainted the hood and stripes. these Arlington chevelles had square stripe corners! its not a mistake. see pics. ALL original emblems. Thanks for reading if you got this far. whew.


Item location:Chino, California, United States
SubModel:Super Sport
Color:Yellow Beige
Interior color:Green
Engine:396 V8 / 350 HP
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear