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1980 Chevrolet K30 "Silverado" Dually

110,500 MILEAGE
Standard Cab Pickup BODY TYPE
454 V8 gas ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL


1980 Chevrolet K30 Pickup Silverado

I have for sale a 1980 Chevrolet K30 regular cab dually. As far as I know, the truck is a true "Silverado", which shared a "one year only" grille with the GMC "Sierra Grande". It has all the signature goodies of that era...Dana 60 front axle, NP205 'case, and Dana 70HD rear axle.

I purchased this truck about four years ago. As I understand it, the truck was a California truck, and was an older resto. As the story goes, a man bought and restored it (aesthetically) for his Son. The Son passed a few months later, and the truck was sold. I bought it from a gentleman in Ohio, who had bought it from the man who restored it. The gentleman, from whom I bought the truck, informed me that he hardly ever drove it, and absolutely did not drive it in the Midwest winters. The undercarriage is consistent with that, as there is nothing more than the surface rust you would expect to see on a truck this age. As far as I know, there is no metal cancer.

After I'd had the truck for a few weeks, and had a chance to look at the bed (and a few other things), it was apparent to me that this truck was no different than many K30's of that era...it'd lived a hard and storied life. It was very aesthetically similar to what it is now. However, it was not in the best mechanical shape. Within a few months of ownership, the motor blew and the transmission began to lose reverse. So, at that point, I parked it, and started addressing several issues. I probably have close to $30K in receipts since I've owned it. I will try to list everything that I've done (or had done) to it, but might forget a bit...

The engine, a 454 GM big block, was rebuilt to 80's factory specs (approximately 240hp/380ft-lbs) by City Motor Supply, and professionally re-installed. While they had the engine apart, I had them add a double roller chain and "RV" cam. The transmission, a TH400 (three-speed auto) was also professionally rebuilt, to "Stage 3" specs, with all the heavy duty goodies. It has a new stall converter, and shifts very firmly. The 454 was originally installed by the gentleman from whom I purchased the truck. In 1980, you couldn't get this configuration (4X4/regular cab/dually) with a big block. The largest motor you could get, in the above configuration, was a 400 small block (which this truck began life as) The big block wasn't offered, in this configuration, until 1981. After that, the mod became popular for the pre-'81 trucks.

The truck has a new (repro) radiator, new fan clutch and OE fan, new water pump, new starter, new cap/plugs/wires, new master cylinder, new "Redhead" steering box, new front (and rebuilt rear) springs, new front wheel seals, "Warn" hubs, four new shocks, new parking brake cables, two new drums and adjusters (rear), new mufflers and tailpipe plumbing, new "Go Industries" mudflaps and mounts (to be legal in Texas), and six new tires. (235/85-16 Kenda Klevers)

The truck was a factory A/C truck, and has a new compressor and evap core. And...yes...the A/C works. With the exception of the tailgate lights, all lights and gauges work. I have also had all six wheels powder-coated in "Wheel White".

When I got the truck, it had one of the "plastic swimming pool" bed liners in it...which I promptly removed. The bed was pretty rough, with some patches, but seemed structurally solid. So, I coated the bed in implement primer and grey implement paint, and lay a new rubber mat over it (cut to fit over the gooseneck/5th wheel rails). I left the tailgate in its "used" shape, as a testament to its former life. From the beginning, I wanted this truck to be a "driver", and not a trailer queen. (*The gooseneck ball plate, and receiver drop ball insert, will not go with the truck. However, the gooseneck hitch frame, and receiver hitch, will)

The truck shows just over 10.5K miles. However, there is no way to verify the mileage (as far as I know). I believe it to have (at least) over 100K.

When I purchased the truck, it did not have the correct "Silverado 30" fender emblems...which is understandable, as they were never reproduced, and are extremely rare. I found a set, and added them to the truck. If you can find them, they go for anywhere between $200 and $500 a set, depending on condition. The set I installed were "NOS", and had never been installed. (*The little nubs on the back were in virgin condition)

I drive the truck, quite often, and try to cycle the front axle and transfer case as often as I can. I have even used the truck to take (unloaded) goosenecks back to the Farm, as you can see in the pics. And, as far as I know, everything is functioning (mechanically) as it should.

The truck attracts a lot of attention, everywhere I go. If you're familiar with these trucks, you know what you're looking at, and how rare they have become.

I have been sold "problems" in the past, and never want to knowingly repeat that cycle. So, if you are a serious prospective buyer, and have any concerns, please feel free to call with with any questions you might have. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. (J.J.- 210.385.2000)

Thanks for looking.

*This truck is a 38-year-old 1-ton. If you're looking for a truck that rides and pulls like your 2016 Silverado or Ram, this is not the truck for you.

**This truck is not even close to perfect. It is a "20-footer" (with bumps and bruises) that is extremely photogenic. Beyond that, it is a true and rare "survivor" that has been made road-worthy again. If you're looking for a "perfect" 1980 K30 dually, I'm sure someone would be happy to build one for you...for $100K to $150K.
***This is a very old vehicle, and a very old 1-ton truck to boot. It will always need something...always. If you're looking for a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, this is not the truck for you.

****Payment will be by wire transfer, within 72 hours of the close of the auction...NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot meet that requirement, please do not bid.


Item location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
Model:K30 Pickup
Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Interior color:Blue
Engine:454 V8 gas
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear