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66 big block 4 spd VIN, fresh sbc auto, AC! muscle car chevy SS chevelle hot rod



1966 Chevrolet El Camino

A quality mechanic had built this up over a few years, with nice upgrades. I've had it about a year and use it as a driver. VIN is a big block 4 spd factory 12 bolt rear (396 package - same as the SS Chevelle, but the El Co didnt have that trim until 67). serious potential or use it as is.it just needs a few finishing touches to be complete (needs interior electrical and some lights/flashers completed). Less than 1k miles on professionally rebuilt 400 (406) upgraded, performance cam mild,aluminum intake,stainless headers, newer exhaust;Street Demon 650 carb (new),and auto 200-4r trans (these can be built like a 700 but fit like a tubo350) ). may have a slightly higher stall on converter, a little jerk when going from 1 to 2 if you're not accelerating, and a few drops of trans fluid from front area- clean fluid;HEI electronic ignition, chrome performance fuel pump.CPP power brake kit, cylinder. 3 month old high Amp alternator- 140a, runs the new electric fans. aluminum oversized radiator,serious 12 bolt posi rear end, shocks,has new Wilwood disc brakes front, tubular control arms lower;Notice the better STANCE: front has drop spindles when the conversion was done, so i put slightly smaller new tires on front, and so there are 2 extra rear tires that come with it- goodyear eagle, older but good tread., some new steering arms, steers nice and easy with no auto!
new AC higher cfm compressor, bigger condenser for a truck,USA lines, long blower inside is hidden inside dash and blows through openings toward driver. Therefore, the heater box and control switch panel is pulled in a box, working, and glovebox cover)
Body:Solid and straight. Not a show car.metal body and not a bondo beast- way better bones than the most builds. this had very minimal body work needed a couple years ago, and a quality light blue-grey base coat, but project sat a while, so this past year it was sanded and now a quality acrylic urethane "True Blue Firemist" metallic on exterior, which is the perfect level of metallic halfway between pearl and a heavier flake. It has not been wet sanded yet, so on certain angels you can see the nice depth it will give!. Matching extra paint kit comes with Half Gallon + kit left (UPDATED). there are probably a few areas where a slight ding or bend or blemish exist. from some angles you can see where the hood hinge is pushing up on hood a little.Floors are totally solid and were painted a couple years ago- see pict. The interior has that lighter grey/blue- like a blue jean tone, with a few chips here and there over a couple years. no headliner.Bed has no real rust, was treated with a clear converter coat so you can see what is there instead of hiding anything. It has a rubber mat on it from a GM truck, with bumps under it so it doesnt collect water.Doors do lock and windows and doors work great. Solid glass no cracks in front windshield, only 1 of the 2 layered back window class has a crack, so it doesnt leak from that, it's a completely flat piece easy to replace.
STILL NEEDS:interior dash wiring and components reconnected- gauges, wipers (its all there, original wire hanging around, bypassed for the very basics: ignition, water temp gauge, headlights and running lights front only hooked up to floor switch, brake lights DO work) but not yet hooked up are: the blinkers/flashers. Included is a new turn signal lever and wiring/switch and relay for it (chrome aftermarket bolt on), to put on this GM auto steering column. it has a push button ignition and an on/off switch (high amp), original keyed ignition hanging underneath still, no keys.
Summary: Nice driver currently, cold AC, auto trans. just no blinkers or rear tailights working (yes brake lights work- non oem led inserts that are more for a 67 i think). no original rear tailights bezels or lenses.
about 450 ft lbs of TORQUE in case you want to get on it
needs a few finishing things to be complete and you're looking at a 20k muscle car with a valuable VIN model.
SEE PIctsValue will just increase because it's a big block 4 spd car.For parts, its basically a Chevelle station wagon from the cab back.
Priced to SELL. if you want to end it sooner let me know, at four eight zero, three five one, 9361, clean title and box of some of those parts and tires for you comes with it. .


Item location:Gilbert, Arizona, United States
Model:El Camino
Vehicle Title:Clear