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1956 Chevrolet Corvette Description:

Early C1 Corvettes are wonderful cars and prices are rightfully skyrocketing on great examples. However, if you just want to drive AND show off, one with thoughtful upgrades that improve the experience but don't change its character, then this 1956 Chevrolet Corvette is a great choice.All the full-blown resto-mods get a lot of attention, but somehow sticking a modern chassis under a vintage body isn't the same. If you wanted to drive something that felt like a C6 Corvette, why not buy a C6 Corvette? Instead, if you want something that still looks, smells, feels, and drives like a real, honest solid-axle Corvette, this is the right car. It was recently restored to a very high level, but isn't a trailer queen, showcasing the fantastic early car styling with single headlights and contrasting side coves, plus the vivid Roman Red paint that's really the only way to get your early 'Vette. Finish quality is quite good, but in a nod to the purists, it's not perfect which is just how real Corvette lovers prefer their cars. The fiberglass is in great condition, the doors close easily and show nice gaps, and the trim is fitted with care, giving the car a very polished look. You'll note all the wonderful design cues are intact, from the toothy grille to the side covers to the little vents atop the fenders to the round taillights set into their own little nooks out back. There are echoes of the first cars in the delicate rear bumpers with the exhaust pipes poking through and there's nobody who won't think this is an awesome-looking car.The red interior was thoroughly restored, starting with all new materials on the floors, seats, and doors. The big three-spoke steering wheel was obviously inspired by European sports cars and you do have to adopt that close-in driving position when driving a C1. Once you're settled behind the wheel, you'll find that the seats are quite comfortable and it's surprisingly easy to feel at home. You'll note that the speedometer is original, but the secondary gauges, including the centrally-mounted tachometer, are new Stewart-Warner pieces that have a vintage look but offer improved accuracy. A 4-speed on the floor makes it more than entertaining to drive and with a digital AM/FM radio in the center of the dash, going on a long road trip is a pleasure. There's also a nice-fitting convertible top that's like new as well as a neatly finished trunk.The engine is a 1957 283 cubic inch V8 which has the right look and feel and has been fully rebuilt for use in this Corvette. All the right details are there, from the louvered air cleaner to the finned valve covers and Chevy Orange paint, so at a glance it looks quite authentic. But look closer and you'll find a bunch of clever upgrades: HEI ignition that lights it off instantly, an Edelbrock carb and intake, an alternator in place of the original generator, and a dual reservoir master cylinder for safety. Ram's horn exhaust manifolds feed a reproduction dual exhaust system so it sounds very much like a Corvette should and thanks to a rebuilt suspension, brakes, and steering, it feels quite taut going down the road. Obviously the underside is fresh and clean and it sits on correct steel wheels with hubcaps and 205/75/15 wide whitewall radials.With a few sensible upgrades, this Corvette's usability goes way up without diluting all the things that make old cars great. Climb in and find out why this one is special. Call now!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Interior color:Red
Engine:283 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear