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El Camino with RARE 4 bolt 350 V8 with TBI and 700r4 trans

9,999,999 MILEAGE
350 V8 Fuel Injected ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1985 Chevrolet El Camino Base Description:

This auction is for a base model, 1985 Chevrolet El Camino with a 350 V8 engine and Throttle Body Injection (TBI).Accessories are serpentine belt driven. This El Camino also has a GM Performance parts 4L60 overdrive transmission.A custom made mandrel bent"Y" pipe merging into a GM high flow three way catalyst. An adjustable fuel pressure regulator was added a bored throttle body and the injectors pod contains 5.7 PI injectors. Starterand distributor arenew and for a GM Performance 502 HO. A new heater core and thermostat were installed last month and the cooling system flushed and new anti-freeze installed.

This El Camino was built by me (GM Certified Master Technician), for my Father, using only genuine GMparts.This is a well sorted daily driverand isa California Air Resources Board (CARB) smog certified conversion. You won't find many conversion that are this well thought out, it looks absolutely stock and best of all- that nest ofhorrible vacuum hoses is gone and the often problematic 4ME Quadrajet was also replaced by the latest version TBI ECM and backed up by the best 700 overdrive GM everassembled the MD8 (original equipment in 1993 LT1Camaros and Corvettes). This trans is rare and bullet-proof for this application.

The engine is from a mid 1990s (CARB certified as a 1991 but its actually a'94 or '95) GMC 1-ton truck that was totaled with 4,218 miles on the odometer.I bought the entire truck from the dealership and set the powertrain aside for this project. I finished this project in 2011. It's been driven about 2k miles since completion because my Father's health failed and he passed away. My Mother kept it sitting in the car port for awhile but recently she's decided to part with it.

What it needs: I recently drove this car to and from work for a week and everything still worked as it should; it could use driver and passenger window felts and although the tires have excellent thread depth, plus 90%. The two rear tires are older 2 and I recommend replacing those two. The AC needs a new high pressure hose because I never made one up for it when I converted it from r12 to r134. It does come with a new Delco dryer, included in the sale, and the compressor is also a new Delco part. I did seal the condenser and evaporator so it is ready to be charged once ahose is made up.Needs a new headliner, there's nothing hanging down it's just like every other 80's GM headliner.

Odometer reads 54,647 miles. I do not know if this is the original mileage, I doubt it is 154,647 because the 305 I pulled from the car was still in good condition as was the trans and those engines usually don't go that far without work.

Questions welcomed.

EL Camino Conversion Parts List (partial)

Cable, Battery + GM 12157400

Cable, Battery - GM

Converter, Catalyst GM 88968527

Compressor, AC, GM 1134343 (AC Delco 15-20189)


ECM prom

Housing thermostat application '91 Caprice

Hose, upper coolant GM 10108238 '91 Caprice 5.7 Li

Hose, lower coolant GM 88908421 (AC Delco 24132L)

Injectors, GM 5.7 Police Special

Manifold, exhaust left application '90 G 3500

Manifold, exhaust right application '91 C 2500

Pump, Fuel GM 25163472 (AC Delco EP377) application C 3500 94-97 7.4; 27.6gph, 30.4psi

Regulator, Fuel GM 17112907 (AC Delco 217-389)

Retainer, Ignition wires holds 4 GM 12043550 requires 6

Retainer, ignition wires holds 2 GM 12043158 requires 2

Sensor, Coolant intake manifold GM 15326386 (AC Delco 213-928) GM 12146312 (ACDelco 213-310)

Sensor, Coolant cylinder head temp GM 25037332 (AC Delco 213-77)

Sensor, MAP GM 16137039 (AC Delco 213-185)

Sensor, O2 GM 25105107 (AC Delco AFS20)

Starter, GM 12568778

Switch, GM 10002798

Switch, Stop Lamp/ Converter, GM 25529860

Serpentine belt brackets application '93 C 2500

Tank, Fuel, GM Monte Carlo F.I. modified filler neck to adapt to El Camino

Transmission GM 12363206 (3FMM Code)

Torque Converter Cover GM 14091903

Valve, EGR GM

Valve, EGR control GM 10137639 (ACDelco 214-365)

Valve, Heater control GM 88917621 (ACDelco 15-5812)


Item location:Glendora, California, United States
Model:El Camino
Color:Cream Beige
Interior color:Medium Doeskin
Engine:350 V8 Fuel Injected
Transmission:4L60 / THM700r4
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear