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classic vintage chrome caddy 500 v8 auto transmission lasalle

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1937 Cadillac LaSalle Description:

Vehicle Original VIN : 2B24853
This 1937 Cadillac LaSalle is a terrific mix of true classic and street machine. After all, beneath the swoopy sedan lines are upgrades like a custom luxury leather interior, four-wheel disc brakes, and a big Caddy 500ci V8. So there's a distinction here that goes well beyond the LaSalle name.
Even if our headline doesn't recognize it, we know that LaSalle was really its own brand. While it was Cadillac's junior, the fact that it only lasted a few years makes a Model 50 sedan a sought-after pre-war classic. It makes a lasting impression with a long, pointed hood and rounded trunk that epitomizes the era. Aerodynamics were making the cars sleeker every year, so the raked windshield and curvaceous fenders are as functional as they are handsome. The same goes for the bullet-shaped headlights. Plus, the tall, narrow grille leading the way had become a LaSalle hallmark. Overall, this carries the best of an authentic vintage presentation, right down to the correct hubcaps and iconic whitewalls. So there really isn't much here hinting at all the upgrades beneath the skin. It's just an impressive pre-war American with good-looking sheet metal that's rapidly approaching its 90th birthday. But you're going to appreciate how this is an impressively built classic with just enough driver-quality style to make sure it stays driver-ready. Even the maroon color looks period-correct. Although its deep metallic element and the polished dual exhaust might just be enough flair for some people to catch on to what this really is.
The interior starts to reveal more of their car's true cruiser nature. As premium as Cadillac/LaSalle was, they never gave you this level of leather interior. It's a beautiful tan with a custom pattern that makes way for maroon insets. This sets the tone for the door panels, carpeting, headliners, and even the trunk. Part of the reason why a LaSalle like this had plenty of appeal in the 1930s is because of its interior room. And that size is even more appreciated today when you want to give your rear passenger limo-like legroom. The large steering wheel, two-piece windshield, and Art Deco dash are all still in place for a classic driver style. But little details like the updated shifter and added temp gauge remind you there's a nice upgrade under the hood.
LaSalles always borrowed Cadillac-based power, but this one does it much better. It takes this pre-war premium GM product and gives it the largest post-war production they made. It's the 500 cubic-inch Caddy powerhouse topped with a four-barrel carburetor. The TH400 three-speed automatic transmission is a stout unit that can handle the added power while providing smooth shifting. Plus, power steering is a nice feature to have for a proper easy cruiser. And the upgrade to four-wheel power disc brakes even means true stopping power.
Premium vintage style, true cruiser power, and the right features to make the drive fun all come together in this custom. So if you want to start impressing people with all the different places you'll show up in a big '37 LaSalle, your first step is to call today!


Item location:Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States
Interior color:Cream Beige
Engine:500 V8
Vehicle Title:--