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1979 Cadillac Eldorado AACA Senior 1st Winner 44,198 Miles 5.7 FI Auto

44,198 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1979 Cadillac Eldorado -- Description:

This is a 2 owner vehicle with receipts dating back to 1980, I have original Window Sticker and the car was featured in the February Edition of Collectible Automobile, the vehicle has traveled a mere 44,000 miles from New and is in Like New Condition. The Cadillac Eldorado is an Iconic name that begun in 1953 and spanned ten generations until 2002. Giving way to many variations is was always one of the top of line models and always considered...the most sporting variant. From the large fins of its early days to the radical styling of the late 60’s then again in the 70’s, it was constantly redesigning its theme and gave personal luxury touches in the later years. The Cadillac Eldorado is admired by all and desired by many. Its power plants through the ages typically gave strong competition to other automakers whose line up of Luxury was just that “Luxury” and did not nearly have the performance of a Cadillac. Much like cars today personal luxury and incredible performance was a huge selling point and Cadillac always proved to be one of the finest. In its 8th Generation this 1979 was all the rave, they were sporting luxurious interiors a more fuel effect and effective 5.7L that replaced the monstrous 500 and 425ci engines. This was a one year only offering in 1980 the throttle body injection took over but many people feel the Electronic Fuel Injected engine that used an on-board computer for spark selection was the best and most reliable application, and the last of the great ones. 1980’s Cadillac fell victim godly body styles detuned engines and much Faux Luxury options. The 1979 was world class in its Design and Luxury. This particular 1979 Cadillac is truly one of the finest on the market and has been judged and deemed as such by noteworthy collectors and enthusiasts of the Brand. The car holds a Senior First place with the Cadillac Lasalle Club #921 meaning only 921 cars have ever received this level of scoring, the car then went on to win a Senior National First place with the AACA in 2017. We have shown the car on numerous occasions and have won many times. The car is stunning and correct in every way. Showing only 44,198 miles from New the car is PURE. Its engine is properly detailed and correct with proper show worthy components, clamps hoses etc even the Metric Bolts originally painted blue by the factory have been redone to emphasize its show worthy originally. The interior is beautiful, Paint is fantastic, chrome glass and trim are highly impressive. The car is fully loaded with all power options, Air Blows Cold, its automatic leveling system works as it should etc etc etc There are no disappointments with this 1979 Cadillac if you can fault it you must have seen something the AACA judges didn’t. Do not hesitant this car will not last, seldom will you ever see someone take the time to properly prepare a 1979 Cadillac for concours showing and win. Car is available in San Diego, Ca with Precious Metals Fine Motors Cars of San Diego at Call David Young at 619-378-0837 or 619-378-0837


Item location:San Diego, California, United States
Interior color:White
Drive type:Coupe
Vehicle Title:Clear