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1969 Buick Riviera 41662 Miles GM lavander 430 CI V8 Auto 1-owner ALL ORIG EXLT

430 cubic inch V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1969 Buick Riviera original factory Description:

This car is like a breath of fresh COLD air (the air condition actually WORKS, on this baby--- and how)!

Yes, there may be others out there, but this one is the original LAVANDER color, especially orderedfor this owner (a dear sweet lady, who is the mother of the son, who owns a mechanic shop, andhas decided to sell it for her). (Color listed as purple, because GM soft lavander was not listed).
And this one hasn't been totally redone and replaced and restored and modified,making it an over-lacqueredconfection of itself. This car has beenmostly unused, and stored and cared for, it's whole life. The odometer has not turned over,not once.
Total mileage (as listed on odometer now) is 41662
Owner is the first, and current owner. And the condition has been meticulously kept andmaintained as was, when it was taken off the dealers lot.Everything works. And everything about the carimpresses you.
The minute you step into it, you are taken back in time, from the feel of the easy steering,to the commanding powerof the protruding muscle car engine, so typical of the feel and excitement of the 60s.You can peel rubber so easilyin this baby, but now, that would be considered wrong, in so many ways.Still, you could hop in, and do it... just forthe hell of it.
This is truly, a car to be admired, in.... and, it is so pretty.It stilll has it's gloss.
Car is practically mint condition.Officially, rated as:IN EXCELLENT ORIGINAL CONDITION.
Runs excellent. Ready to drive.
Imperfections known are listed as follows:Back driver's marker light (red lens) has degraded over time.Will be replaced, however, the "R" is gone, on that side.A discerning collector might have it replaced with some ease.
Electric windows go up and down well, but not superfast, anymore.This might be noticed by an expert collector.
Same with the electric antenna. Manual button located on dash.
All interior lights will be working when you see car. We are changing themall out.
All exterior lights (including back up, and marker lights) work
Retractableheadlights work well, might not be immediate, due to age.
Has original radio and speakers. All work well.
Door locks work
NO ACCIDENTS (of course).Body is absolutely straightNo visible dings or scratchesOriginal vinyl top in good conditionCar looks like it did, when it was new!All matching numbers (engine, chassis, ect).
This car was shipped and sold in Southern California, and has been regularlygaraged, or covered (as it is right now) it's whole there is no issue of rust or salt oxidation, or erosion/corrosion from underneath,(the frame, or any steel or iron components) or body,or anywhere on the vehicle. No bondo or filler has ever touchedthis car.No holes or crayzing or bubbling on the bottom skirts, or anywhere.Floor boards are solid as a rock. Original carpeting.These all-important facts alone, make this car a remarkable and prized find.

Tires are good, no leaks, have been on the car a while, andhave the appropriate white walls, for the time.
Engine sounds great. Immediate response (tight), quiet as should be,No steering over play.Has no excessive echoing or reverberation from the muffler.No lifters tapping.Nothing is wrong,Engine is fine tuned.No exhaust or smell or smoke from tail pipe(s).
Shifts perfect. Transmission in perfect condition.Reverse gear works as should.
Brakes serviced, and work well.Emergency brake operative.

Given tune up, oil changed, fluids topped off, ready to rip.
Suspension and shocks good. Appropriate heights to the ground.Ride is firm and level. No bouncing or tipping.
Doors shut solid, no fallen door jams not meeting right.Weather stripping original and still intact.
All chrome and trim intact, and shiny.
All Hubcaps (mags) are original Riviera with center cap with the "R".
All instrumentation works. No check engine light on.
This car has passed inspection by a top grade mechanic.You are getting a classic car, maintained by one of the best mechanicsin Southern California, all it's life. (father and son mechanics).
This item is priced to sell.Deposit required (at our discretion).Reserve is not far, from the starting bid, andwe are letting it go, at less than half, of what othercomparable classic cars are going for.
Whoever wins this car is getting the deal of a lifetime.
We are not professional collectors, asking for top dollar,from a showroom of dream cars, to people with moneyto burn.
We are just a family, who has possessionof a real gem,and trying to sell it, for a lady, who doesn't wantto part with it, .... but doesn't want to see it sit anymore,and languish either.. She wants to see it go to someone whoenjoys it, and appreciatesit.
Original keys, original pink slip.
Delivery upon clearance of check, money order, (instruments tobe handed over in person, then cleared immediately) or cash.
Auction will be monitored daily, to answer any questions or concerns.
If any cause that this transaction is not proceeding in good faith, is indicated,or if any problemsdevelop, we reserve the right to re-list the item (with proper notification) inaccordancewith Ebay policies and guidelines.
Available for pick up, in Southern California, under it's own power.Any other arrangements requested, may be discussed, after purchase.We are a friendly, and accredited business, in service for many years,with thousands of satisfied customers.


Item location:Long Beach, California, United States
Trim:original factory
Interior color:Black
Engine:430 cubic inch V8
Drive type:Hardtop
Drive side:Left-Hand Drive
Vehicle Title:Clean