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1964 Buick Riviera Description:

The 1964 Buick Riviera is one of those ideal classics. It has the cool-cruising attitude that comes from a premium nameplate, a truly interesting design, the best color combo, and this even still has its numbers-matching big 425 V8 under the hood. And so we know when you look at the obtainable price, you're going to fall in love, too.

No tailfins and minimal chrome gave it a European flair that made Buick's Riviera look like it was ready for the Mediterranean Riviera. So it's great to find such a nicely preserved example with very complete and straight sheetmetal. And the correct Marlin Blue is both a classic and a modern hue at the same time. Brightwork was applied more sparingly than its 1960s contemporaries, so it was used as an accent piece in places like the delicate wrap-around bumpers, cool bombsight hood ornament, decorative intakes on the quarter panels, and factory wire wheel covers.

The Riviera was all about providing individual luxury, and this coupe does a great job of showcasing that today. The blue interior coordinates quite nicely with the steel blue exterior. The consignor states that the main pieces are original, which really tells you the level of care this coupe has received for over half a century. The button-top pattern on the seats and side panels are a classy design that remain stunning today. Everyone gets an individual bucket seat. Yes, there's a center console not only for the front, but even the rear passengers get a stylized separation. You even have provisions for nice factory features like air conditioning and an 8-track radio. Just like the exterior, the brightwork is used for accenting instead of overwhelming, so the instrument panel is a fantastic display of elegant restraint. You get the original dual-spoke steering wheel that gives you a commanding view of brushed stainless round gauge package. And because you have power windows on this personal luxury coupe, it's easy to showcase the pillarless hardtop profile and let everyone get a nice view of this very vintage interior.

With a car this special so far, it's great to see the numbers-matching V8 under the hood. Buick knew that effortless performance was the key to the Riviera's success, so they made sure that there was plenty of torque on tap to move all that sheetmetal with ease. With 425 cubic inches and a four-barrel carburetor, it had an advertised 465 pounds of torque (that's the '465' in Wildcat 465.) The engine bay is clean and shows signs of life-long maintenance. This includes a new alternator, regulator, plugs, wires, belts, and hoses. It's linked to a three-speed automatic, so you had a strong and smooth total package. Add in power steering, power brakes w/discs up front, and the Riviera's legendary supple ride, and you can see why this is a terrific vintage cruiser for modern times.

The sale comes complete with the original bill of sale, owner's manual, service manual, and past awards won. This is a nicely presented Buick at an unbeatable price. It's your perfect all-around classic personal coupe, and it's going fast. Call today!!!


Item location:Mesa, Arizona, United States
Interior color:Blue
Engine:425 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear