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1987 Original Numbers Matching Buick Grand National + Bonus Accessories

Gasoline FUEL

1987 Buick Grand National Description:

I am the 2nd owner of this car and purchased it in 1992 from Plaza Pontiac-Buick in Toronto where the original owner had purchased it and later traded it in. This car has never been raced, smoked in or even had a chip installed. With the exception of replacing the Powermaster brake unit (which fails a lot on these cars) with a standard vacuum brake set-up, it is bone stock. The paint is all original too.
It has never been driven in the snow but I still preemptively had it oil sprayed almost every year. Since it's a turbo, I made sure the oil was changed at least twice a year.
In terms of major service, I think the head gaskets were replace about 12 years ago and Powermaster brakes 10 years ago. There are a couple of things that you may want attend to: the gas gauge stopped working about two years ago, so I've been using the trip meter to know when to fill up (it goes about 150 miles on a tank in city driving); there's a very small hole (about 1/2 an inch) in the driver's seat side bolster. If I could sew, I could probably fix that myself. And here and there the paint needs touch ups--especially on the passenger side mirror housing. Oh, and the air conditioning hasn't blown cold in years. I used to have it charged at the beginning of the season but by the end of the summer it wasn't that cold anymore. There's definitely a pinhole leak somewhere but the power and the fuel economy are better without the air conditioning. The radio in it is an aftermarket one that I put in many years ago. I have the original radio (which is included) and in one of the photos.
If you're looking at this vehicle you probably already know that these were the fastest North American production cars in 1987. They are legendary sleepers and faster than the Ferraris of the day. You probably also know that these are increasingly rare and only going up in value. Most of the guys (and it is almost exclusively guys who drive these) who owned them have either heavily modified them and/or wrapped them around telephone poles or otherwise totalled them. So when you find one that's in the condition this one is in you should give it some serious consideration. I can't tell you how many times I get thumbs up or 'nice car' etc etc when I drive this thing. I'm going to miss it.
If you want a reliable daily driver that turns heads because you almost never see these on the road, this is for you. If you're looking to have a GN in showroom condition but don't want to spend $80K on it, then this is an easy restoration project which you'll make money on because it's issues are minor and the engine still very strong.
On August 6th, the car is going to the shop to have the headliner replaced with a new one and the shifter handle shown in the accessories photo installed. It should be available for pickup about a week later, on August 12 when this auction ends.
I'm happy to answer questions throughout the auction and supply additional photos (from now until August 6th).
The car is in Toronto, Canada--I can do some legwork to help get it to you but if you're not able to come and pick it up, it's your responsibility to have it picked up etc etc.
Thanks in advance to all who bid on this. Whoever gets it, part of the condition of sale is that you send me a photo of it's new home. :-)


Item location:North York, Ontario, Canada
Model:Grand National
Interior color:Black & Grey
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear