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1974 BMW 2002 Restomod Modernized

Gasoline FUEL

1974 BMW 2002 European Description:

1974 BMW 2002

A ground up build of a Ft Worth Texas car to show case Dtechparts systems and parts for BMW 2002’s. this vehicle stripped to original primer and bare metal, coated in epoxy primer and painted in a special Porsche silver. This vehicle built with modern heat and air conditioning, modern blue tooth stereo, upgraded lighting, sound deadening to be a fun car. Traditional look and features with modern restomod comfort and convenience

A summary of some of the key features of this build

We build 200’s and other classic cars to order. Have a diverse of vehicles (roundies and later model 2002) in stock prepped ready finish out your preference. We also provide kits for you to use including all the stainless bumpers, AC / heat systems, wheels, engine upgrade, interior upgrades, paint schemes, suspension in new and reconditioned parts.

Note: The black "Turbo Look" car and Red with front spoiler and this auction car with euro stainless bumpers, trim upgrades are 3 of our favorite build configurations. If you prefer one of the other two looks this silver 74 is build to it can easily be adjusted to the Turbo flare look or front "Kamei" spoiler look of red car ! This modification is not part of the auction but can be done for minimal cost after the auction. Just call us with any questions 214 352 0868

Paint & body work

This 2002 started as a local Ft Worth Texas shell we have owned for 8 years. Was stripped mostly to bare metal, prepped in epoxy primer and built up with 2K primer for final paint work in a PPG Porsche GT Silver with PPG clear coat. Entire inside of car and outside painted including inside car, trunk engine bay done with engine out of car etc. Entire bottom of car updated. Floor pans recoured to allow e30 seats to mount direct to floor (more headroom with height adjustment). Bottom pans sealed in tough bedliner material.


· New Dtechparts stainless steel belt molding with steel clips

· New front euro style Dtechparts front stainless bumper retrofitted body work to be like early model car

· New rear euro style Dtecparts rear stainless bumper retrofitted body work with short ends. Looks great also make it easy to add turbo flares and spoiler if prefer this look

· US DOT front and rear side markers welded up during body work to give Euro look on car

· New rear euro style tail lights lenses with clear covers and yellow turn signal bulbs

· New custom fit LED angle eye headlights with integrated driving lights, turn signals built in

· New projector LED headlights with white angle eye driving light, dim, brights and integrated yellow angle eye turn signal. If prefer an original look can install H4 or seal beam lights but these LED’s brighter, pull less current, safer and look great on this restomod style 2002


· Like new e30 M3 leather seats in black have been fitted into cockpit. The front lower pans customized to allow e30 seats to sit on floor of car vs. in typical 2002 seat rails. This allows e30 seats to be a perfect seat for 2002 as if mounted on seat rails sit to high. E30 sport seats same is in e30 M3 allow for height adjustment as well as front and back so allow for a more adjustable driving position. Great for taller driver but with height adjustment works for any driver

· New white vinyl OEM like headliner

· Expensive butyl rubber Sound deadening installed throughout bare interior including doors

· Carpet pad and custom 15 piece black carpet installed in car

· LED door opening lighting installed under dash with new door opening switch

· Custom covered dash cap in euro vinyl with red and blue French stitch around console

· Custom red dash cluster to emulate BMW Turbo look (not installed in pictures)

· Red and blue M stitch shift boot

· M motorsport seatbelts covers

· Momo leather steering wheel or Nardi style black leather with red and white stich new with Nardi 2002 hub (optional not installed in picstures

· New 3 point seat belts

· LED rear window 3rd brake light

· New brake light switch

Engine Drive train

· E10 M10 2002 engine runs great with Weber 32/36 automatic choke carb. Was fairly recent rebuild replacement engine from previous owner.

· Fresh oil change and filter

· New e21 radiator, hoses, AC electric fan

· Shifter tower adjusted rebuilt where needed

· New drive shaft center support bearing

Wheels and tires

· Enkei 15 inch wheels with Dunlop 195 55 15 tires in nice shape

· New lug nuts

· Optional wheels and tire setups available. Have most all original BMW 2002 setups, also have 15 inch minilite style wheels new in stock

Brakes & suspension

· All updated brakes. Lines, pads, shoes replaced or checked as good. New brake hoses, new wheel cylinders. New emergency brake cables

· New rear shocks, struts checked, updated sway bar links, control arms steering and suspension

HVAC heat and air conditioning

· Completely new Dtechparts dot com HVAC system. Modern heat and air conditioning evaporator with all new AC components under hood. HVAC system is much the same as would find in modern car but much more serviceable. Has electronic actuators for heater control valve and ducts to switch from AC to defrost /heat.

· Custom slide potentiometers for heat and vent controls to emulate original cable controls in original location to right of steering wheel. Even has original plate mounted in location

· Upgraded custom console in euro vinyl with read and blue “M” color French stitch


· Vintage chrome look 2 post type Bluetooth phone and stereo FM, stereo. Compatible with stereo power amp booster if desired extra charge

· New speakers in doors and optional dome tweaters on dash

· Other speakers can be added for extra fee

This vehicle is sold AS IS Where IS with no express or implied warranty. We encourage buyers to inspect vehicle in person. It is an extensively updated vehicle but is not new and is not sold with warranty. We can provide support/ service and exchange on many of the parts in the vehicle are new but this is not part of this auction or sale

Other Available modifications at extra charge

· Engine upgrades (header, carbs, engine internals all possible). We can custom build larger displacement, port and polished high performance engine for additional cost

· Power door locks

· Lighting upgrades (LED headlights), driving lights, fog lights)

Install turbo style fender flares and front spoiler if prefer this look. All the necessary removal of lower trim side markers and short euro bumper In place such that no body work necessary just bolt on flares and front spoiler if you prefer this look. We have this part in stock

Wheels and tires. We maintain extensive stock of OEM wheels as well as Panasport Mini lite 15 inch wheels if you prefer

Other build candidates and parts available

All the parts and parts sytsems used in this vehicle available at Dtechparts such that you can incorporate these and other systems in your 2002. See our other auction for listings of NEW stainless bumpers, stainless belt trim engine components, modern HVAC heat and air conditioning complete kits, wheels, interior, suspension etc.

We also maintain an extensive inventory of classic BMW’s for custom build to order finish out. 72 Agave Green 2002, 72 sunroof Polaris Silver 2002, 76 2002 sunroof ca, 2 82 320i, 73 Sahara Beige 2002 sunroof cr, 1 redone Silver 83 320i S (sport edition), e36 M3 4 door 5speed black, 71 2800 CS restomod in red leathe, Polaris silver

Link to more picshttps://s1057.photobucket.com/user/jkirk225/library/1974%20BMW%202002%20restomod%20214%20352%200868


Item location:Dallas, Texas, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean