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1985 BMW 535i 5 Speed Manual Transmission. Classic & hard to find.

254,000 MILEAGE
3.5 L 6 Cyclinders. ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1985 BMW 5-Series Description:


Finally ready to let go of my beloved and in all honesty the best handling and most reliable car I've owned.
I now mostly ride a BMW motorcycle and don't drive the car much anymore.
Over the past few days I spent several hours cleaning, waxing and polishing it. And it looks great, I must say. I still have to do the wheels and tires and finish vacuuming the carpet.
As you can see the paint still has a nice shine/reflection despite its age. This is the Original paint.
Car has Clean Title, NO accidents (See attached report). And maintenance records.
Check out this article on this car:https://www.autotrader.com/car-video/heres-why-e28-bmw-535i-now-worth-50000-272500
There are some scratches on the passenger side and couple of rust spots in the trunk and left side below rear window. (see photos).
Driver side is covered with a lamp skin cover but it is not ripped, it is in mint condition same as the other seat and the rear seats (Which I always covered with a cloth to keep them in new condition).
Please contact me with an offer. If you know about these cars and the fact that they are becoming hard to find, especially with a Manual Transmission. I will see what kind of offers I get, I may not accept your offer right away but come back and accept it later. One of these cars restoredsold for $50,000 recently.
The car runs great and accelerates quickly, I am still amazed how quick this car is. It is actually quicker than many new cars. Lots of power & acceleration. It is much faster & acceleratesfaster than a 2002 Volvo that I drove recently (for example), and other cars I drove. This is a fast car.
Car has the very desirable and Legendary BMW 6 Cylinder 3.5 Liter Engine. Many consider it the best engine BMW ever made.
I have a stack of receipts for all the parts I replaced and work that was done.It is well maintained, many things were changed on it:
New alternator
New high performance 3 yr warranty battery. Fires the engine right away.
Hoses and belts.
New Clutch, fly wheel,..etc.
The Mechanical speed limiter was removed so car can go to its top speed.5 speed Transmission was replaced.Brake master cylinder and pump and fluid flush.
Oil and filter changed every 3000-4000 miles and service light reset. Recently did an engine flush with German made engine flush, changed Oil and filter.
New electrical leather seats. No rips or tears. Protected with lamb skin covers. These were taken off a 735i so they are slightly wider and more comfortable. Have arm rests too.
Oil pressure sensor.
Radiator and fan.
Water pump and Thermostat.
Guipo....this is a rubber balancer/shock absorber for the drive shaft.
Valves adjusted with new bolts and gasket.
2 complete sets of wheels and tires. Fairly new set of Winter tires on car. At least a $1000 worth of extra/spare parts. The second set of wheels & tires (if you want it), have worn out tires but the BMW rims are decent.
New set of carpet mats.
Just overhauled and adjusted the hand brake and tested it.
Am/Fm/CD player with detachable face. Not showing in the photos but I have it.
4 speakers were replaced.
Clean interior. No rips in the leather seats.
New computer with Dinan chip.
Transmission and rear deferential were flushed and new fluid was installed. Cooling system too.
New headlights.
Fog lights.
All fuses were replaced with new ones.Most of the original tools are present but have some rust which can be cleaned.Spark plugs and other misc.
AC works. I removed the belt to have less load on the engine but it can be put back and AC works.
And much more that I can't remember now.
Clean California title/Pink Slip in hand.
No accidents. SEE Car Report attached.
The bad stuff:
The windshield is cracked from the inside. This happened when I was moving/carrying things inside the car. The windshield does not leak (Even in heavy rain). So I didn't bother to replace it as it isn't causing any problems. I called around and these cost around $125 replaced, maybe cheaper where you live.

The normal nicks and scratches on the paint. Couple of small dents. See photos.
Some rust on the left side of the rear window and inside the trunk/lip. Please see photos (6 & 11).
Some of the movements/adjustments on the electrical front seats don't work. This is an easy fix.
The odometer stopped working 1 yrs ago. This is simply a small plastic gear that needs replacing due to age. I have not put many miles on car, so the mileage is fairly accurate as I ride my motorcycle & don't drive the car.
The rear muffler has a hole in it. I was going to patch it but I really like how the car sounds with the hole so I left it as is.
Sun roof does not work too well. It will open just fine but when you try to close it, it closes un-evenly. So I kept working at it till I got it to close correctly and left it closed. You can leave it or fix it.
This is NOT a New car. It is a fully running car which I would drive across country with no hesitation. You can enjoy it as is or fully restore it however way you see fit.
Let me know if you want to see it/ or have any questions.
I would drive this car anywhere, it is very reliable. Takes Regular Gas (New BMW's take ONLY Premium), gets decent mileage and is very safe. And fast.
These older BMW's seem to have thicker steel & more solid compared to the new ones which have a lot of plastic and lighter steel to save cost.
Again, this is NOT an Automatic. It has a 5 speed Manual Transmission.
Please feel free to ask any question Before you bid or if you need more photos.
Car is located in San Jose, California. I can work with you if you need it shipped (you provide the shipping), or pick you up at the Airport if you want to come pick up the car.
Buyer is responsible for all taxes, fees and any other requirements in your state. I will give you a Bill of Sale & sign over the California Title (Pink Slip) to you. Clean Title, NO accidents.
Thank you.


Item location:San Jose, California, United States
Interior color:Tan
Engine:3.5 L 6 Cyclinders.
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear