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Rare 1973 BMW 3.0 CSi E9 with POWER SUNROOF, AC, and front power windows!

109,619 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1973 BMW 3.0CSi Description:

According to
Julia Oberndörfer

BMW Group Classic

Archiv, Sammlung, Classic Brand Management (AK-50) Historischer Informationsdienst

"This BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 2264349 was manufactured on February 02nd, 1973 and delivered on February 07th, 1973 to the BMW dealer Becker in Krefeld. The original colour was Fjord metallic,
paint code 037"

This is the ultra-desirable EURO-ONLY CSi (i.e. never sold in the USA), EFI 200-hp version. Only second to the lightweight 6-figure CSLs, the CSi is the most sought out after E9.
Has no ugly side marker lights, no ugly bumpers that stick out like the USA versions, and most like this one, has the cool rear fog light (wiring currently not hooked up).
This particular E9 has both a POWER SUNROOF (working) and AC! When was the last time you seen that combination for sale? Plus it has front power windows.
Most CSi E9s were stripped down and had no options.
Compare with this CSi selling in LA on Craigstlist for $46k (link in case ad goes away) that has just as much rust (check out those fenders) and has NO AC or SUNROOF!

Here are the main bullet points on the car that has the potential to be >$100k car (car on BAT was a CS Automatic converted sold for $135k! Imagine w/THIS CSi will go for restored!):
Like 90% of E9s, it has some corrosion issues that will require this E9 a bare-metal repaint along w/some metal work. You can spend $50k for a pretty car, only to find out it needs major work.This one is well known to need body work, hence the lower price.
  • tops of the fenders in the engine compartment will need to be repaired. Previous owner applied some kind of rubbercoating to keep the rust from getting worse. Will need obvious repair
  • rockers: Will need repair
  • trunk. Spare tire well will either need to be fixed/patched, or replaced. The car will come with a good spare tire well that can be used (see picture below)
  • Rust bubbling: near left taillight, around rear window, and right rear quarter behind the wheel.
  • Front floor pans have been patched. For concourse car, should replace w/W&N panels
  • Some rust behind glove box. Will need to be addressed when tops of fenders are fixed.
Previous owner was in the middle of changing out the interior color from blue to black, hence the blue carpet.
  • Front seats are from a 1974 so will need 1973 seat covers. Previous seats were completely unusable w/springs busted, etc.
  • Rear leather seats 9/10. Great condition.
  • Door panels great!
  • Wood will need re-veneering, but underneath wood in good condition
  • Dash vinyl: grab rail perfect, but upper dash panel and gauge hood will need to be re-done by Just Dashes
  • Headliner is stained and should be replaced
  • New steering wheel! Momo-Prototipo-like
Engine has been rebuilt in 1993 (see receipts).
  • Starts easily (see video)
  • Runs good, but not as smooth as I'd like between 1000-2000RPM. Suspect needs injectors to be cleaned or manifold pressure sensor to be rebuilt.
  • New spark plugs
  • New points
  • Valves adjusted
  • New Bosch blue coil
  • New Fuel pump
  • Clutch is good, no issues.
  • Steering is fine. Pretty tight
  • Suspension seems good, but probably recommend newer Bilsteins
  • AC not hooked up (belt removed)
  • New Fuel filter
Most everything works!
  • Horn works intermittently. Suspect a ground issue.
  • Wipers work
  • Fuel gauge, tach, idiot lights, speedo works
  • Clock does not work
  • Driver's window and passenger's rear windows work. Passenger front and driver's rear windows do not work. Typical of E9s and should be replaced w/E28 motors (common upgrade) and relays.
  • Headlights work (both low-beam and highs)
  • Turn signals and hazards work.
  • Glove box light is missing as well as trunk light
  • Rear fog light wiring needs to be installed.
  • Sunroof works, but when closing, the last inch needs a little manual push up to fully close.
  • Radio works!
  • Heater and fan works.

Overall, this is an excellent restoration candidate and investment. E9s are going through the roof and you won't find a CSi w/these combinations of options. The body does need work, but so do 90% of E9s and often, you can get screwed on anything >$50k w/o restoration photos/evidence.
  • E34 15" BBS wheels, but comes w/stock 14s and tires
  • Exhaust tip (new) included that's more correct
  • Steering wheel (stock) is included
  • As aforementioned, comes w/rust-free spare tire well
Car is currently located in the Seattle, WA area and can be shipped worldwide (last year I sold a Jaguar that went to Switzerland!).
Do a world-wide search, either N. America or Europe and you won't find a SUNROOF/AC CSi anywhere!
Sorry, pictures below are a little big (have to scroll to the bottom and scroll right to see the rest of the pictures) so I suggest you right click and save them to your local computer
For some reason, they're not showing up for some people. If not, view ALL ofthem all here:
Imgur link to all the pics
Videos are on the bottom, and scroll right.

CSi cold start - YouTube

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CSi warm start - YouTube

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Item location:Seattle, Washington, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear