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1983 UR Quattro

Gasoline FUEL

1983 Audi Quattro Description:

This was to be a 3 month project....didn't happen.
If you don't want to wait 13 years, and spend 150K to make possibly the most tricked out UR Quattro in the US, this is your car!
Started with an extra clean former California car, low mileage (under 90K) in 2006, was in a shop being worked on for 13 years. For the last year I have been working the bugs out and finishing the interior, finding little interior and exterior parts from all over the world, and have had my fun!Let me just say this, you must know how to drive a very fast car or don't even think of buying it. I have been riding open class 2 stroke motorcycles for 30 years, and that is what driving this is like! Hits hard (30lbs of boost on pump gas, 35 possible with e85) It put down 589 Non Corrected WHP at sea level, should be around 750 with e85 tune. Very light, very fast! Electric power steering but non-powered brakes, takes some foot pressure!
As I said this is not a car for soft driving, it is high strung and explosive to drive. I have never raced it and have been very careful with it since getting it on the road, I have spent way too much money and time on it to abuse it!
So, what has been done to it?
Basically, everything is custom, except for the body, ( the grill is a sport Quattro version). If you look at the engine bay you can begin to see some of the craftsmanship that has been done. Water/ Air Intercooler, Bench flowed head, custom cams, solid lifters, race built engine, 6 speed Turbo Diesel Trans, 3 Inch SS turbo Back, all custom Coil Suspension, Porsche Brakes, Custom Wiring Harness with 034 Engine Mgt, really way too much to list here. If you are REALLY SERIOUS about buying this car, message me with your number, and I will answer any questions you might have.This car is really only for that one right person who will appreciate it, otherwise you will be disappointed on how uncivilized and unique it is!


Item location:Sheridan, Wyoming, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean