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1970 AMC AMX Go Package 390 4 Speed 59900 Original Miles

59,900 MILEAGE

1970 AMC AMX Go Package Description:

This car was recently put back on the road after a 37 year rest. Last inspected in 1981. Less than 59,900 original miles on this car, and less than 3500 since the engine was rebuilt. The car was originally painted Mosport Green. Sometime in its past someone did a very poor repaint on the car. This car is super solid and appears to have never been hit, still retaining all its original body panels. There is no rust in the door seams, hood seams, trunk lid seams, front or rear window channels, drip channels, or body seams. The car does have very minor rust down low on the driver side quarter and two small areas on the drivers floor (at the rear of the seat where they always rust but could be repaired instead of replacing), and in the foot area (less than an inch area). Trunk floor and weather seal lip are in great condition. The car had a tow hitch on it which I removed so some of the pictures might show it and the trunk bracing although they have been removed. The trunk lock is also not in the pictures but is now reinstalled.Cowl area is also great.Minor soft dents and dings from things being stored on and around the car for so many years but nothing hard. The tack welds are still on the bottom of the fenders!Using a magnet I can only see two areas that are less than three inches each that look to have been a minor repair prior to the repaint. One is just behind the driver side door over the body line and looks to have been either a soft dent or a very minor crease. No damage can be seen at the jamb and the filler is thin. Length of the filler is only a few inches so it couldn't have been anything big. On the passenger side, behind the rear wheel well is what looks to have been a scrape that was filled. Again, the filler isn't thick and only a couple inches long.Door areas are in excellent condition. No rust in the rockers or gussets.The engine was soaked and slowly turned over the course of a couple weeks until I figured it was safe. The oiling system was spun up at the pump and monitored for pressure. All the gas was removed, the pump was replaced (original vacuum but replaced with mechanical), new points / condensor / cap / rotor, new plugs, new wires, new radiator (eBay 3 row), thermostat, brake booster, some new metal lines, new brake hoses, rear wheel cylinders, brake shoes and hardware, rebuilt calipers, cut rotors, and probably alot more that I'm forgetting.Engine fired right up and after replacing the vacuum advance it ran great. Tons of power and very responsive. I would probably replace the carb at some point but it pulls fine so it isn't something that needs to be done right away.The car is an original Ram Air but one of the previous owners (I believe there were only two other owners) took off the round section with the seal and flap when they put on the R4B. The R4B might have the AMC part number on it but I can't see it because it has a heat shield under the Holley. The car still has the original exhaust manifolds but of course the tubes were taken off and plugged (typical).Original radio and steering wheel are both gone. The radio bezel is still in place.The car still has all four original wheels including the original deep center caps and the four clip trim rings. Brand new radials installed.Tail lenses are in great condition. The grille is all intact with all the tabs present but of course needs to be restored.All the lights and gauges work except the gas gauge which most likely is in need of a float. The trunk light and glovebox light even work.Heater core was replaced also.The car starts and runs awesome with no smoke or noises.
This is the perfect car to restore! minimal rust and what little bit of rust there is can easily be repaired. The car is straight underneath and the body looks to have never been in an accident. It runs great so other than dress up items it doesn't need to come apart. Original 390 4 speed, what more could you want?
Please ask questions early.The car is for sale locally so the auction could end at anytime.


Item location:Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States
Trim:Go Package
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear