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Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Description:

The last of the Alfa Romeo Spiders was the Series 4, which were only manufactured for a few years, from 1991 to 1993.
Over time, and even beginning in the 1970's, Alfa Romeo was slowing catering more and more to the average consumer, with each subsequent model having slightly more of the "comforts" than the previous models.
So, interestingly, Alfa Romeo decided to manufacture a total of 200 Spiders, with an Automatic Transmission, only in the Series 4 model.
Of those 200 Spiders, only 46 were imported into America!
Personally, for well over a year, I have been driving a 1992 Spider (another of the 46 with an Automatic Transmission) every single day, and I can tell you that these Spiders are nothing short of an absolute "joy" to drive!
Basically, every single day I'm driving an Alfa Romeo, and I can "relax" (no shifting) while doing so, which is especially important in traffic conditions! However, I would like to point out that I'm 62 (not 18) and my priorities while driving (about shifting) have changed 180 degrees...
At the present time, I have 9 of the Classic Alfa Romeo Spiders, and each of these Spiders has an interesting story, since they were all "sitting" somewhere for several decades, for a wide variety of different reasons.
So, here's the story on this Spider:
There was a guy who lived in Oregon, and he purchased this Spider in the 1990's. I believe he was the first owner.
He absolutely loved the car, and he was always spending time around the car, and caring for the car. Unfortunately, his wife became insanely "jealous" about the time and attention that he was spending with his Spider. One day, his wife told him that she was going to divorce him, unless he took the car to the Salvage Yard, and had it "crushed" so he could never drive it again!

Well, the wife won the battle, but not the war!
He put the Spider on a trailer (as the wife was watching) and he promised his wife that he would have the car "crushed" and then return to his "happy home" later in the day. Then, he went straight to his best friend's house, and told him to keep it "hidden" in his barn.
Then, after a decade (more or less) had passed, he eventually "gifted" the Spider to his friend.
Then, around a year ago, I acquired this Spider.

Here's what I was told, pertaining to the "mechanical" aspects of the Spider:
I drove it around town a few blocks. The car overheated, and water blew out the overflow. Found the Thermostat was stuck open, and oil was mixed with the radiator fluid. Towed it home, parked it in the driveway, and haven't drove it since.
It could be leaking out behind the water pump, or maybe a blown head gasket.

Gas is old and needs a new battery, but always starts with a jump every time!


Here are some personal observations:
Basically, all things considered, the "Integrity" of the Spider is very solid, since it has low Mileage, the Body is straight, and the rust issues are very minimal!

Keep in mind that this Spider was running excellent, before it was parked!
The "Bottom Line" is that this Spider is an excellent candidate for a "cosmetic" restoration, and would look completely different with a new Carpet set, some new Seat Foam & Seat Covers, a new Convertible top, and a new paint.
It's only a matter of time before these "rare" Spiders (with an Automatic Transmission) are certainly going to Skyrocket in price!!!
So, that's everything I know about the Spider. My guess is that the head gasket needs to be replaced.
Right now, this Spider is located in Winston, Oregon, which will be very convenient for your "Auto Transport Company" because it is adjacent to the Interstate 5 Freeway.

Thanks for looking, and have a Great Day!


Item location:Winston, Oregon, United States
Make:Alfa Romeo
Interior color:Tan
Vehicle Title:Clean